Nintendo Offering a "Year in Review" Service for Switch Users

Hopefully this is news to other folks and they find it kind of charming… Nintendo has a website ( that lets you see your most played Switch games of 2019, your activity (hours played) per month, and some other fun statistics like the three days you logged the most hours on your Switch.

Of the most played games, they do not seem to be in any order as I can guarantee you that my number one game should be Three Houses but, that aside, this is still pretty neat.


This reminds me I still have the 3rd Phoenix Wright game left to play!

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Poor Crypt of the Necrodancer didn’t have an image… >_<

Also, I don’t know if these numbers are right, but this would mean I probably put in like 100 hours of Smash in January…

Oh fuck did i play a lot of smash bros. Getting into a game “competitively” will do that, I guess. I’m actually kind of embarrassed? And I barely beat any games still? I need to game more productively. Curious how many hours were idle, because the count feels crazy to me.

Oh hey look it’s my GOTY list minus Kentucky Route Zero

Nintendo out here telling me exactly what I don’t need to know: that I’m sad in the summer, and that I like Digimon and Pokémon (October and November respectively).

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My five most played:

  • Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen
  • Pokémon Sword
  • Wargroove
  • Untitled Goose Game

I’m surprised Phoenix Wright isn’t on there, I only put a couple of hours each into Wargroove, Goose Game, and Celeste. I probably put a good 20 hours into Pokemon, while DD:DA blows all the rest out of the water. They don’t show the detailed breakdown, but I’d guess I have something like 80-100 hours just in that game. It’s good, y’all, listen to Austin.

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August was my most played, too! Wonder why.


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y’all like that Dragon’s Dogma eh? I got 400+ hours this year. 100-ish of them were Binding of Isaac. I don’t know if I need to do that again next year!



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I’m surprised that Celeste didn’t make my most played list. Those B-sides and crystal hearts have been brutal to me this year.

I dont usually do these Year in Review things but it it’s funny for me to think about just how much Money Puzzle Exchanger I played this year that game rules.

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Somewhere in this year in review, Nintendo called me a Core Gamer. I’m a little hurt :frowning:

But I guess the shoe kinda fits with my switch habits.

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God I played so many hours of smash. I haven’t even touched it since late March too. Oof.

I love how it gives you they days that you played the most on. Mine ended up being the three days that I was at my grandfathers funeral and I played like 20 hours of fire emblem during those days. Glad for the reminder Nintendo lol.


Sorry for your loss.

My most played days include the day I finished taking the bar and the day I found out I failed the bar! Thank you very much Nintendo for reminding me I cope by playing video games.

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