Nintendo’s Miiverse Is Dead, But Someone’s Archived Everything


So far, besides making it a pain in the ass to talk with friends while playing Splatoon 2 online, Nintendo hasn’t done much with online features on Switch. I’d hoped the company would refresh one of its most overlooked innovations on Wii U, the absurdist but lovable social network known as Miiverse, but instead, Nintendo shut down Miiverse on November 8. And though Miiverse is dead, its history (and the many strange, curious drawings) live on, thanks to a software developer who goes by Drastic Actions online. They’ve archived the Miiverse, and we are all better for it.

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This is really wierd… but cool i guess?

Since watching Giant Bombs “Fond farewell to Miiverse”-video (featuring Danika!) i now look back at the Miiverse in a wierd glorified way. I think it’s best to keep my memories of it like that.

Maybe i’ll even rewatch it in a few years just to remember what Miiverse was/wasn’t.


I recognise that developer’s username! What a small world.

Good luck and godspeed to the Archive Team for keeping it all around. I’m always someone who leans towards pro-archiving, if only because it can offer a fossil record of strange and curious moments and trends in history. No matter what else, this is definitely a serious (and, as far as I can tell, pretty dang thorough!) undertaking, so hats off to them.