Nintendo Shutting Down One of Its Best Ideas, Miiverse, on November 8

A place full of beautiful drawings and endless shitposting, Miiverse will be missed.

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I never owned a Wii U, but the Miiverse always seemed like a bizarrely quirky and cool place. While I held out some hope that the Switch would get something backported into it, Splatoon 2’s ersatz Miiverse indicates to me that, for whatever reason, Nintendo has either backed away from that entirely. Whether the Switch will get its own Miiverse or whether Nintendo prefers to direct us to other social media platforms instead (as it does now), it’s a shame that this is getting shut down.

Patrick’s dips into it as part of Mario Maker Mornings made it a regular feature of my life. So long, Miiverse, you bizarre thing.

It was pretty cool idea: like with some new-ish MMOs, where you were automatically in a party (community) with people around you (who were interested in the same game), it removed some fiddly bits of social interactions. Only one like that that I know of is Playfire, but I’m not sure what is going on there right now.

Unyeah T_T

My only hope is that the death of Miiverse will be an opportunity, in a Vine-like way, for us to bring up our Miiverse faves and keep the torch lit.

What can I say? I like the classics.

I’ll miss the Miiverse. So many great drawings and fun comments on games.

This seriously bums me out. :frowning:

Stamps was such a wonderful idea as achievement collecting that had some external reward outside of the game as well. Besides that, there’s a large drawing community on MiiVerse that makes a ton out of a little. :frowning:
I hope we can save our faveorite pictures at least, or have a copy of them saved to our accounts.

Ah man! Miiverse was the only social media site worth visiting.

I guess we’ll always have Splatoon 2… until Nintendo shuts that down in a few years…