Nintendo Spotlight/Treehouse @ E3 2017


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Time of start is 12 PM EDT/9 AM PDT.



Please new Fromsoft IP
Please please please new Fromsoft IP


Real predictions:

  • Overwhelmingly Mario Odyssey
  • BotW DLC details
  • Splatoon 2
  • Third party announcements


Plus a last minute ARMS reminder annnnnnd that’s a wrap.


I just hope they don’t try to cram too much into a tiny time slot

(lookin @ u, Samurai Jack finale)


As a Switch exclusive? Is that an actual rumor or the dearest wish of your heart?


Just want some new stuff.




My predictions:

  • extremely short
  • and incredibly disappointing

this is coming from someone that really wants more solid games on my switch to look forward to but i think they might just retread things that have already been announced in the last year or so of directs.

Then spend like 10 to 15 minutes on Mario Odyessy. Which I am hyped for! I just want a few nice surprises but i don’t expect any tbh.


story of my life tbh


Depends on how they format things, really. They could definitely roll through a lot of stuff in a half hour if it’s just “show one thing, short cut, show next thing” and then offload all the Mario deep dives to the other live coverage throughout the day.


Maybe my hopes are just down in the dumps after that terrible pokemon direct.


I guess I’m not sure what you were expecting? I thought Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (or some mainline Pokemon release) was a given for the presentation. Pokken DX was a really nice surprise to me.


Oh, right, uhh… over/under on mobile stuff?


After watching the Sony conference I kind of expect the same, especially since they’re focusing only on games coming out this year.


I feel like my expectations for this are set at a pretty reasonable level.

Smash on Switch would be enough to keep me satisfied for a while and if they announced literally anything new I’d be happy with it.

My one warmish take is that they won’t announce anything about Virtual Console. I get the feeling when they release their paid online service they’ll revamp the eShop as well in some way and add it then.


Probably none. Nintendo didn’t use E3 to talk about mobile last year, so I doubt that they’d do so this year unless it ties directly into something else they’re releasing on Switch or 3DS.


I’ll be happy with some Breath of the Wild DLC and perhaps a little more information on that Fire Emblem Warriors game. A new Animal Crossing or Metroid would be really cool, if they announce anything new, but I’m not expecting any big announcements this year. Stick to detailing all the Switch releases for 2017.

[details=Oh, and one hot take, never before requested game I’d like to see.]

Now here me out. It’s been 11 years, Nintendo. Give me the god damned game.[/details]


I have unrealistic expectations but I really want to see some content about SMT5 and No More Heroes.

Also, I really REALLY want Animal Crossing, this would get me to buy a switch in a heartbeat. I don’t care for portability, I just want it on my screen playing it before going to bed after a long day of work. This is the setup that I dream of, I always fall asleep before doing enough tasks in my 3DS lol

My most wildest expectation would be an Ace Attorney, because VN/Adventure games would be great on the system