Nintendo Switch Travel Solution?

Hi folks, I’ve been mulling this over & thought that, rather than scattering it to a Twitter, a forum topic might be a better spot for this question.

I’m going to be taking a plane in the next month or so & wanted to take my Switch with me. When I’ve travelled with my Switch before (e.g. when I moved earlier this year), I found that the joy-cons sometimes drained their battery pretty substantially during transit, presumably from pushed inputs like the joysticks. As well as being inconvenient in the short term, I imagine it’s not too great for the lifespan of the controller either.

Consequently, do folks have any good travel solutions for their Switches or other game console peripherals? The easy answer is “don’t travel with games consoles” or to store it in my suitcase, but I’m pretty hesitant and would like to take it in my carry-on luggage if possible.

If anyone has any tips for this, let me know, whether it’s a carry case or just a solid piece of advice.


Are you playing in tabletop or handheld mode? I find that handheld is a bit better for battery life, but admittedly the difference isn’t huge. If you do want a boost, I’ve heard that an external battery pack can last you for a reasonably long flight (maybe not trans-Pacific!). Finally, stay away from “console” style games that push the processor. You’ll get far longer battery life playing Celeste instead of Diablo!

And who knows, maybe you luck out and get a seat with a power outlet. In that case, problem solved.

EDIT: I realize now I misread the question. What @PlzUninstall said is great. I have a similar case and it’s been fantastic for travel.

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This particular case has served me well and I’ve never had the joycons drain from presses in it. It’s hard wearing enough to offer protection but light enough that it doesn’t add much more weight.

Also power banks are pretty decent nowadays so I’d recommend looking into one. Maybe even a smallish one that you can squeeze into the case.


Gotta also sing my praises for this case.

If you are concerned about charging and don’t want to lug around a bulky “official” charger, might I recommend this set-up? It will serve you well in the airport terminal and, assuming your seat has charger access, I have used it on a plane with minimal issues.

I have a slightly larger case than the one linked earlier, but similar Idea. It is a bit bulky for everyday, hopping on and off the train, use. But it is fantastic for long distance travel. I keep the joycon grips, the jack for my bluetooth earphones and a USB-C cord in a pouch in the case.

Ahaaa accidental button presses; I was wondering why one time on a flight my left joycon was suddenly dead!

I have this case, which is kind of semi-hard. I find if you fold the ‘tongue’ in a certain way, it clears the case well off the thumbsticks, and otherwise it fits the switch pretty well. That tongue also functions as a kind of kickstand substitute, though honestly I’ve never used it.

My brother has this case instead which is a lot tougher. This kit is pretty nice actually, it comes with two cases for carrying game cards/microSD cards and a screen protector.

I use 3 things to protect my Switch for travel:

  1. This case, for in-travel storage - got it as a gift and it’s not perfect but it’s good for just, keeping all your cables and games together in one place.

  2. Hard glass screen protection - a must!!! If you’ve got the funds, definitely don’t skimp with just a film screen cover, as they rarely protect from falls.

  3. This Mumba shell, or something like it - I love this thing. I’ve got, y’know, adult hands, and the Switch just feels so fragile by itself. This thing is grippy, you snap it on, and bam, it’s like a big Game Boy Advance.

Anyhoo, hope that helps! For tabletop mode, idk - I barely use that lil kickstand. Seems like an accident waiting to happen haha.

That second harder case is really great, got it pretty quickly after I got my Switch and haven’t changed. Sometimes I want a thinner case because the hard case feels a little bulky in a backpack, but the Switch is nicely protected so I have no real complaints at all.

I’ve been using Butterfox’s hard case solution, and it’s great. Also +1 to glass screen protectors; you should treat that screen like a modern smartphone.

You might also want to dig around in the Switch subreddit for USB-C charger/power bank recommendations. You’re not going to find any reasonably sized case that can accommodate that AC adapter brick.

I also use a hard case, and I haven’t had problems with the Joy-Con batteries running down.

For a battery pack, I use an Anker PowerCore Speed 20000. It hasn’t let me down. They started making a specifically Switch-branded model after I bought mine, at IIRC the same price point.