Nintendo's Latest Mini Handheld Tries to Capture Zelda's 35 Years of Mystery

A few inches from my fingers, a computer-controlled Link is fighting in a green dungeon. He has a bunch of Triforce pieces, and eventually, I’m told, he’ll defeat Ganon on his own. How fast it’ll take him to get there, I don’t know—I’ve never, gasp, finished the original! I’ll check back in when I’ve turned this piece into my editor. All of this is happening on Nintendo’s new Zelda-themed Game & Watch, a very cute $50 handheld released today celebrating the franchise's three decades of history, and a follow-up to last year’s similar pitch for Mario.

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If you’re looking for a stand this could easily be 3d printed, check your local library you might be surprised to find out they have one you can use!