Nioh 2 is coming

Nioh is an all-timer. It is a lovely mix of Souls + Loot Game. It is designed to scratch all of my itches. Today they announced that they are launching a closed Alpha and delivered a gameplay trailer. I’m sweating.


  • This game looks REAL pretty. The first game looked a little flat but still had some nice settings
  • Bosses look Boss-y
  • All I could think of with all the Sekiro talk was “When is Nioh 2 coming out?” and after this trailer my excitement has been amped up again

How excited are you for the Game of the Generation?


God, I can’t beleive they added a Devil Trigger. What a belter.

You’re right, Nioh kicks ass and I’m damn excited for this.

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Ooh, Nioh 2’s looking good. Wonder how far off it is.

I never played the first one because I wasn’t quite interested in the story, and I figured they’d make a lot of improvements for the sequel. Pretty pumped for this!

I’d be interested if there is character creation.

Why is everybody doing their alpha/beta/network test at the end of May?

Looks like a prettier and more varied version of Nioh so far, so not too much of a departure! I am cautiously optimistic about that. Hopefully they make a lot of quality of life and balance improvements cause while Nioh was a fun game its also a fuckin mess of terrible UI, near-pointless loot, inscrutable systems, and wonky, frustrating difficulty design. Many of the enemy designs, while cool to look at, were pretty bland to actually fight so hopefully they can take what they learned from the first one and make them more interesting. I also liked the more complex movesets compared to the souls games but felt they weren’t always as smooth to use as they needed to be for such a fast-paced game, so I hope that’s better too.

VERY excited for the new character creation though (I think they said it would have that at E3 2018?), samurai geralt was an amusing dork but I had zero attachment to him in the story. Let me be a lady samurai!! Hopefully the loot is designed in a way that is more conducive to fashion nioh-ing, too. In the first game, optimizing my armor always caused me to look like a massive dipshit, which is rarely a problem in the souls games due to their more tightly designed equipment systems.

Despite my nitpicking, I AM actually pretty pumped for this. I eventually gave up on it in late-game when i ended up getting stuck and had to do some really tiresome grinding (and then Sekiro came out and I never looked back), but it was great fun up to that point.

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Can’t say this is really doing it for me. I’m curious if they’re going to clean up their controls and skill system because whoo-boy the first game felt unnecessarily entangled. Of course character creation is nice to have, but it was a minor complaint I had compared to its UI and level design.

Nioh was more of an ok game than a great game to me so the trailer is not leaving me intrigued by name and gameplay snippets alone, maybe after some solid impressions.


I’m actually hoping there’s less loot. Every game like this should just let you have every possible weapon right from the get go so you can play around with everything and then you can upgrade which ever individual ones you want instead of having a billion pieces of trash. Like even Bloodborne one of the single best games ever made would just be objectively better if you were just handed all the hunter style weapons as soon as the game started instead of having to pick one.


I loved nearly everything about the first game so even if all they’ve done to this one is let me make a samurai lady I’ll be happy.

I wonder if this one will be any easier. I couldn’t beat the second boss in Nioh 1, I gave up after like 30 tries never getting past doing 1/4 of its health in damage before I ran out of healing and died.

The first Nioh isn’t something I would likely consider a Great game but I’ll be darned, it was a great game.

Just watched the character creator and you can create a lady samurai. So, heck yeah on that.

I’m figuring out that I liked Nioh for a lot of the reasons I like Banner Saga. It takes different types of games, mashes them together at full speed, and WOOP THERE IT IS I got something that engages me on multiple levels. It lacks 100% of the world vibes of From Software but it understood the combat part. It took that, and layed on “challenge” levels that might not have been the most finely tuned, they showed a rather good understanding of what was making that game click. It also forced me into situations where I played differently than the norm. Sometimes I was FORCED to try out different weapons or tap into abilities that I rarely touch. Then you get the loot. It isn’t a good loot game! But it has a handle on the loop just enough that a decent loot game bolted onto a fun From-inspired action game made it enduring. Excited to see how they improve on it.

Nioh is far beyond any of the other games that have tried emulating From’s approach. So many of these games come off as pure imitations. While you could talk about Nioh without talking about the inspiration I think that ignores what makes the game so unique. It is great because of how it takes the nugget and then branches from there. Most of these types take the nugget and then also Google the blueprint and then make little tweaks along the way. Nioh just FELT like more than little tweaks here or there.

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I am so ready for this

I never finished Nioh and lately I’ve been thinking I need to go back to it, so this seems like a good excuse to do that. I’m super pumped for the character creation thing. One lady samurai badass coming right up.

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Since there’s a character creator i’ll buy it, but for PC so I can just cheat when I get to a part that’s too hard for me an hour in.

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Skill tree looks pretty different, wonder if it’s mostly cosmetic:

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I still hate how shiny item stuff explodes out of every enemy you defeat hiding all the cool animations of you killing them but other than that this game fuckin’ owns because it’s Nioh 1 but with devil triggers and hatchets that can be thrown.

I mean like a year ago if you asked me what would make Nioh 1 better I probably wouldn’t have said “add hatchets” but here we are, game fuckin’ rules.

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Got an email with a code. Will probably try it out soon. Honestly i was pretty lukewarm on the first Nioh, and I doubt unless this alpha just blows me away I will pass, but it will be fun.

Mostly I just hope they changed the avalanche of garbage loot that was always a chore

nioh 2 has what sekirdon’t!!! nioh 2 has what sekirodont!!
thank god they’re letting me be a lady AND an oni, all my wishes for the sequel are here

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Are codes just… random?