No Joke, 'Sonic Mania' Is Really Great

'Sonic Mania' has fantastic level design and an understanding of what makes Sonic fun.

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Glad to hear this turned out well! Sonic fans have been killing it, and it was an extremely smart move for Sega to give them the reigns on this release.

One minor correction: the PC release was delayed, it’s not coming out until Aug 29.

All I want to know is how does Big the Cat features in all of this?


It’s been one of my most anticipated games of the year and a perfect fit for my new Switch.

I love that Sega is proving that they know how to resurrect an old franchise; there are a lot of naysayers about even the 2D efforts to recapture Sonic’s magic, but this one feels like they finally got it–looks like a perfect combination of the best 2D Sonics.

I also hope this sells enough to make other companies start looking at doing something like this; this was a high-budget project and I’m sure it had a lot of risks, but I would love to see more fan-made official releases. It’s such a rad idea.

Gonna get this. Really in the mood for a focused game like this. Honestly, the only Sonics I’ve played are Adventure 1 & 2, and I liked both back then, so there’s not even much nostalgia involved. Simply just looks cool.

I got this today. I think it misses on a couple things (the Chaos Emerald minigame is utter trash, as is the boss of the Flying Battery Zone) but it’s really great so far.

-kicks a rock-

I have to wait for the PC version :frowning:

If I never really enjoyed or played much 2D Sonic games, should I bother with this one, what with all the hype it currently has?

For some reason I didn’t think this was on the Switch! Booted it up this morning, saw it was on the eShop and purchased immediately. Every now and then I go back to the original (and only get about 30% of the way into the game, because I suck at games) so I am looking forward to this, and as has been said above this should be perfect for the machine.

Just an update to my “I suck at these games” comment. Spent lunchtime playing this. Actually managed to time out on the second stage, amazing even for me, and then Game Over on stage three. So I look forward to getting 31% of the way into the game, in about six months.

Had the headphones on and the music is great though.

Adoring this so far, so many little details and such a fantastic soundtrack. If only I was better at finding the special stage rings.

Highlights so far have included the new special stage and the Flying Battery Zone boss. Belting.

I’m the same and so far this game hasn’t really changed that. I’m going keep playing for now, but if you didn’t really enjoy them before I don’t think this game will change that.

I’ve been having fun playing this, but there’s a bunch of little things that annoy me.
I liked most of the act 2 boss of Stardust Speedway but that middle section is just the worst. It’s so out of place, I have no idea why they put it there.

Yesterday I got the PC version and I’m loving it so far. Just finished Mirage Saloon. Bosses are a blast to fight, and it’s great to see new mechanics come and go without letting them get old. I also liked to see things I didn’t even know I remembered from older games.
My only complain was with the Flying Battery level. I just didn’t like it, it didn’t feel intuitive at all. But it’s hardly my least favorite Sonic level.

I have actually stopped playing due to Flying Battery. I am a bit crap at platformers and have got to the final act in that section four times and died. I just don’t have the fight in me to start all that again.

The stage 9 (Oil Ocean Zone) 2 boss can eat my butt. I’m pretty sure the way it can instakill you is a glitch. But other than that, the game is amazing. Metallic Madness is one of the coolest levels I’ve seen in a game in a LONG time.