No longer listen

I no longer listen to their music in light of recent news related to Ben and the band.


I’m really new to PWR BTTM but I saw them twice with a friend at their SXSW free shows! Thanks for posting this, I’m totally going to go stream the new album now! They played Answer My Text, Big Beautiful Day and New Trick at both of their shows I went to and those three really stood out to me as great songs. I have yet to listen to Ugly Cherries but I’m looking forward to it :blush:

:purple_heart: that’s awesome you saw them at sxsw! I’m jealous! I bet you’ll like their albums and if you don’t well, that’s okay too! enjoy! :blush: :purple_heart:

:purple_heart: enjoy friend! :grinning: :purple_heart:

Hi!!! Huge PWR BTTM fan, was lucky enough to see them in Sheffield last month and they were so so incredible, such lovely people too, spoke to them both after the show.

Managed to listen to Pageant twice today and I love it, Silly is such a powerful opener. it feels much more like an album than the last one, like with themes running through it about growing up queer and the long and contradictory battle to be in a queer body.

I love the way it flicks between the songs about wanting to peel your body off and the songs where nobody can fuck with you and you know you’re beautiful and that just feels so real and true. Some of the lyrics have floored me. “When you are queer you are always 19” is just…perfect.

I love this band a lot, I can’t imagine how great it would have been for me to have bands like this in my ears as a teen. Queer is invincible!


hey do u have a link to where its streaming? i love them


streaming at NPR -

I love PWR BTTM! I have never felt more comfortable in my own body than after first hearing them. I’m seeing them in DC and am SUPER EXCITED


I’ve been a fan for a while, can’t wait to see them in Philly.


You’re in for a treat, I’ve never been in a crowd that felt more welcoming and safe and inclusive, and everyone was still having a blast

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:purple_heart: I’ve listened to Pageant twice already too! :purple_heart:

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Really loved ‘Dairy Queen’ ever since I first came across it, and it was not soon after they announced Pageant which I been awaiting since then. Listening to it now!

Also we need more love/relationship themed songs about technology like ‘Answer My Text’. Hannah Diamonds ‘Hi’ is the only other I can think of but I feel it’s an untapped source for relatability.

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