No Man's Sky NEXT Multiplayer


i was looking for a general thread about this game and failed to find one, so i decided to make my own here! if this shouldn’t be here, please blast me into dust with a space laser and delete the thread.

i’ve finally jumped into no man’s sky and i think it’s fantastic. i’m only a few hours in - repaired my ship, flew to a couple of planets, scanned a ton of stuff. i haven’t yet landed on the space station, where i’m guessing the “story” begins. but before going too far down that hole i wanted to see what the multiplayer was like.

my brother joined my game and appeared on my planet with a busted up ship (the same state mine had been in a few hours before…). he was quickly able to get it up and running, and we blasted off to find answers in the stars. i can’t understate how cool this moment was. we’ve been dreaming about flying spaceships together since we were, like, four years old. we used to fly a spaceship together that was a tree in our parents backyard, imagination filling in the necessary gaps (it was rad). later as we started gaming together, this was the kind of fantasy game we always thought about - a big expansive space adventure. as we lifted off, i got a warning telling me that my ship was out of fuel and i couldn’t use the ultra-hyper-speed - it was going to take six or so minutes to fly to the next planet, using basic-speed engines.

so we just flew together, through space, through asteroid fields, completely in awe of everything. that was almost a transcendent kind of gaming moment. seriously. whew. i’m almost getting a tear in my eye thinking about it right now.

then we land on the planet. we’re running around, exploring, having a laugh, having a fine time. but i’m starting to notice stuff that seems a little weird…

  1. if we simultaneously come upon some new mineral/plant/animal, and he scans it first, then i scan it, on my screen it says “discovered by (my username)”. but i didn’t discover it, he did! i guess i was kinda hoping that in this multiplayer world i’d be able to see stuff that other people had discovered, and know that they had discovered it.

related issue: i named the planet we were on, but on his end the name doesn’t change, it still says Berseria IV or whatever it was before we landed on it. when i change a planet name, does it not really change the name on his end? is it just like my own personal planet “nickname” for that planet?

  1. we come to a little settlement of robot people. we both speak to a certain robot person who tells us to go find a monolith (we both have the monolith showing up as a waypoint). so we trek over to the monolith, it takes like ten minutes, it’s a blast. then we get to the monolith. my space partner clicks on the monolith first, and apparently a bunch of stuff happens. during this time i can’t interact with the monolith because it’s “in use” by my space partner. and then, after he uses it … it’s gone? like, i can’t interact with it at all. it contained one vision and one vision only, apparently.

anyway! none of these are major gripes - i still think the game is gorgeous and awesome, and i could (and will) spend a bunch of time playing it on my own, but i was hoping to spend more of it playing with an old space comrade. in my little experience with it thus far (an hour and a half-ish) it doesn’t seem like it’s really been built to play with a space buddy.

there’s certainly a decent amount of fun to be had just flying around and checking out new planets as a team, i guess. i realize it’s quite possible that there’s other more multiplayer-friendly stuff that i haven’t reached yet, as i’m still early in the game…

do you guys like no man’s sky multiplayer? what do you do with your space comrade?


Further into the game’s extended unlocks, you’ll gain access to missions that account for your friends if they accept it when you start one, but for the most part, content is built to be used or interacted with once. Hopefully something they’ll be able to address in the near future!

Also not sure why it isn’t properly marking planets and resources? That’s worked fine so far for my friends and I, but I don’t doubt that something can break it. For some reason it doesn’t always properly remember if you’ve done something, so you could rejoin a hosted session to keep buying exosuit slots if you wanted.

Other than the quest bugs and base building performance issues I have, No Man’s Sky is a super chill way to spend some time exploring with friends. I have a feeling it will only get better with time and can’t wait to see where Hello Games takes things from here!


cool! glad to hear that there is some more multiplayer-focused stuff at some point, anyway. it makes sense that it’s a bit bare bones on that stuff (at least at the moment), as i don’t think it was really designed to be a multiplayer game.

i hope the planet and resource stuff gets worked out on my end. i honestly haven’t spent of time researching this game. after the big kerfluffle around launch i kind of avoided it (as i avoided the hype train that seemed to have carried so many people over the deep end …), but as a result i don’t really know a ton about the details of how things work. if i name a planet, is everybody who plays the game supposed to be able to see the name i gave it? or do things only change in my own little “instance” with my party? just curious…

can’t wait to get into more exploration and base building (!). i don’t know how to build a base yet but i’m sure i’ll come across it sooner or later.

like you, i’m very excited to see what else comes out of this game. what they’ve done with it really seems remarkable. especially considering all that the team went through. i probably would’ve quit making games were i in their shoes…


Ideally once you’ve uploaded each discovery, any player who finds them later on will see them as you named them with a “Discovered by ___” label. Check your discovery tab and make sure your planets, flora and fauna all have yellow dots next to them! If you received nanites for your discovery, then that should mean it has been confirmed. You’ll also need to use a specific base building item to re-upload your base to the servers after making major changes, even though it saves everything locally with a save/checkpoint.

I kept up with the launch hype and initial issues but didn’t pick the game up until Foundation dropped, and it’s a very different game now. Looking forward to seeing how it shapes up over the next year with their planned weekly community events and what’s to come from the next large update!


I’m about 50+ hours into the game and have thoroughly enjoyed it (although I’ve been so tired between work and the 5-month-old that I keep dozing off while playing). Just started seeing real people and that was kind of a trip. It’s also been difficult to keep on task because there are so many things to do. What’s everyone else playing this on? PS4? Xbone? Pc?