'No Man's Sky' Players Are Reinventing Money

When you reach the No Man’s Sky endgame, you might find yourself drowning in in-game currency without much to spend it on. Players in the No Man’s Sky Galactic Hub have taken matters into their own hands by creating their own economy and cryptocurrency called Hub Coin. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, these players hope Hub Coin remains worthless.

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This is terrible. I hate this.


All real world cryptocurrencies are a scam and bad. Line Goes Up, etc. What’s more, they’re no longer currencies and can’t really feasibly be used as such.

This seems like it goes back to the original “currency” usage of cryptocurrency, which is as a digital ledger of transactions within a small community. With so few members and transactions, there’s very little worry of meaningful environmental impact. It’s basically a big splitwise. I don’t reflexively hate this.

the two headlining things i’ve seen player groups “invent” as uwu innocent community efforts in NMS are cops and crypto.

i have nothing to add to that i really think it speaks for itself


Wow this fucking sucks.

FWIW, it was also the GHub people who came up with the cops (Galactic Hub Defense Force). To be ever so slightly charitable, GHDF was founded after multiplayer features were announced for the Next update but before it went live, so they were anticipating a need to defend Hub-bound players from gankers like how Elite: Dangerous has a couple of different groups that protect players returning to the Bubble after an exploration trip or trying to participate in Community Goals. They didn’t disband when it turned out they weren’t necessary, though.

Anyway I remember them announcing some kind of crypto thing on their Discord a few months back, which lead to me bouncing from there and their subreddit. (I was never super active, but I followed their stuff because I like playing ambiently around other people in NMS.) I guess this is the same thing and they kept rolling with it. Speaking of which, the claim that only two people left is understating things because a) a lot of people put their name on the Census when they first show up and then never update it again and b) even more people just participate via the subreddit and Discord and never update the Census page on the wiki to begin with. There’s no way to track how many of those players left, so I understand why Gita didn’t try to put a number in the article, but the “only two players left” thing is pretty clearly a damage control line on the part of the GHub folks IMO.

I’m really having trouble here with this. So the purpose of this currency is… to be…? Like? Just to exist? Can it be exchanged for anything? Why do we need to encourage players to keep playing even when they’re finished with the game? Shouldn’t the drive for filling out wikis or socializing be, you know, the act in-and-of itself? And why would you need the blockchain for any of this??? Why all of this???

This isn’t reinventing money. This is reinventing brownie points.


It sounds like it can be used to basically hire someone to grind resources or labour on a project too large for one person? Like, if you’re someone who likes to fill out the wiki, but would rather not farm resources, you can use the credit you earn doing the thing you like to pay someone to do the thing you don’t like so much. Or if you like building huge projects, you can earn this currency working on other people’s stuff and spend it to recruit people for your own? Why that has to be calculated as a number and isn’t just something community members do for one another I’m not sure. At least it sounds like it’s not using a model of cryptocurrency that’s environmentally devastating?

In another life just pre-bitcoin, I studied alternative money projects, and this one is kind of like Time Banking (but with crypto). The thing that’s consistently true about so much to do with crypto, and is true here, is that its being crypto doesn’t really offer any benefits over some other implementation.