No Man's Sky Stream


Anyone else interested in seeing a No Man’s Sky video series? Now that they finally got their chicken dinner maybe they should focus on a new game? Obviously it wouldn’t be quite as exciting, but I still think it would be very interesting.


I’d never have come up with idea, but really like it. At least give it a test run.


Yeah, I’d watch that. At least for a few eps to see who it goes.


I’d be down for a stream, but following Austin’s tweets tonight, I think I’d also, if not more, dig a video series (as time permits, who knows, maybe a stream would be doable.) of Austin and his mom traveling the stars?

Maybe that ship already sailed a bit though.


I just watched someone play for like 30-45 minutes earlier today and it still seems really boring to watch. No Mans Sky might be a better game to play now but it still is just watching someone visit a planet, scan things, collect resources, and then go to next planet. It seems like a really chill game to play by yourself listening to music/podcast or with one other person while you chat but from a viewer stand point it is just dull.

I feel like if someone was going to stream this game it would almost need to be formatted like a visual podcast where you have some things already planned to talk about in addition to whatever else comes up because if you ran out of things to talk about the audience is just going to get bored.

The thing that makes a game like Zelda or PUBG fun to watch is you still get some of that talking but there’s also things actually going on in game that make it fun for the audience to watch. Austin, Patrick, and the GB folks have all mentioned on a few occasions already that when playing PUBG they play more risky then they normally would off camera because otherwise it would just be boring for the viewers. I think something like Terraria or Starbound where you still get that sense of exploration but with more action would be more interesting to watch IMO.


It’s also very much about the emptiness/loneliness of space? Or that was my read. That was pre-patch, so perhaps it has changed, but turning it into a live social space like a stream may seem odd?

Maybe it’d be fine.