No Man's Sky's Interstellar NIMBYs Clash With a Would-Be Railroad Tycoon

The Galactic Hub is one of the largest and longest running in-game civilizations in No Man's Sky. The players who participate in the Hub—which has sequestered off a portion of space for scientific discovery, having parties, and building cool bases—try to run the place as communally as possible. This is the home of the No Man's Sky diehards, and also the access point for much of the game's thriving community. That's why the creator of an intergalactic highway, called the Warpway, thought the Hub would be a natural destination for his own burgeoning community: a Galactic Hub not just in terms of socializing, but for infrastructure as well. But what began as a cordial proposal for a win-win scenario turned into an increasingly personal public spat between one of the No Man's Sky community's most respected leaders and a prodigal fan-turned-innovator. At stake were questions about who benefits from development and how it impacts a community. It ended with accusations of ulterior motives and a ban on the Warpway in the Galactic Hub.

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this is such a powerful headline, thank you Gita


Reading the article made me realize that being a part of The Galactic Hub is what I totally want from NMS. I really enjoyed my time playing it, but was already “behind” on games that came out so I moved on to other ones. I haven’t really made my way back. Maybe I will finally jump back in, and learn a bit more about this Hub. This sounds so interesting.

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This story is awesome and I don’t really have much more than that to add.

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