No One Is Making You Watch the Hot Tub Twitch Streams

For the past month, streamers have been debating the merits of the so-called "hot tub meta," referring to the trend of streaming in swimming suits from hot tubs and kiddie pools. I say, let these women live.

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someone’s always Big Mad about something they can harmlessly ignore


Precisely. My thought process the first time I found one of those was as follows:
“They’re doing what now?”
“This isn’t against TOS?”
And I moved on with my life.


I’m completely baffled by people going on a crusade to actively harm people who are producing content that has no impact on them. I’ve seen comments along the lines of wanting to bring Twitch back to it’s roots of being only game streaming but I am failing to understand why they care about what other people enjoy? Not to mention the irony of that statement considering Twitch is a spin off.

The only conclusion I can come to is that these people are incels who feel like it’s not fair that a women could make money on what they’ve deemed their platform and that any man watching their content has been duped into watching.



That’s roughly my conclusion too. I don’t think that advertisers themselves went to Twitch and said “Hey, we’re not comfortable running ads with this content,” if Ms. Siragusa was previously making a percent of the ad money as a hot tub streamer. Unless there was a rule violation of which I was unaware, it would seem to me that she is owed an apology and some back pay.

It’s 100% just incel types. Fuck Twitch. Their weaksauce statement is a total farce.