No screenshots, just the context. [Mobile-Friendly]


That one time in Arrested Development where Buster comes back from playing the claw game and tries to pass off his stuffed animals as awards from army.


That time where Quark spins Morn on the barstool to show Odo how safe it is, and he just spins nonstop during the whole conversation.


That one time on Deus and Mero, when the guest didn’t know that the rainbow segment was about. Deus walked right out of the room in disugest, came back in, and denied that guest to get their rainbow to happen.

Also, “Not Everyone Deserves Wifi” on the rainbow one time.


That part in Toni Erdmann when Ines is belting The Greatest Love of All for so many unforeseen reasons


That scene where Daniel Plainview drinks a milkshake


That scene where it’s full of stars.


Last screenshot I took was an obnoxiously tall anime boy who has healing powers and in the previous episode his clothes got exploded off him and so now he was wearing An Apron


That room with all of the cats.

(I feel like this could also be a guessing game)


Amy Sedaris doing something incredible in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.


That time Mankind was thrown off the cell and was broken in half.


That time Nic Cage wore an impractical helmet and was not terribly thrilled about there being bees.


Man wearing Sting mask punches wrestler greeting fans. Removes Sting mask to reveal that underneath it’s just Sting.


that bit in the strong bad email about computer viruses where the pop-ups happen


That one time the twelve year old gets really mad at a human-cat-ant mutation and then proceeds to release all of his chi and turns into a buff 20 something.

(yeah, have fun with that one)


Paul Rudd sees something on a comupter that is downright nasty. He screams oh shit and he hardline closes his eyes for approximately 3 seconds and so he has a minute to process just how buck nasty that was. But he’s okay after that.


Crying Jordan face.


Abraham Simpson makes the newspaper because of his irrational, quixotic anger.


Following on that one, Abraham also walks in and out of a place without missing a step.


dude is being forced into being a loser at school due to political and familial infighting but unbeknownst to everyone he has secretly mastered a form of swordfighting centered on focusing one’s entire vitality and strength into one decisive strike. the screenshot i am describing is of this guy somehow shutting down the parts of the visual cortex responsible for colour recognition to empower his strike.

I will personally, to the best of my ability, fulfill any wish of the person guessing where I took this from.


We flash back to the childhood of the anime’s snarky, reserved side character and find him to be an exuberant young man who idolizes his older brother. While spectating a game, he throws his hand forward in a “v” sign to cheer his brother on, smiling far wider than the audience could have ever imagined from the past season and a half’s context.