Nobody Should Rest Until We Figure Out What's Up With Glitter

Join host Natalie (aka Ronatalie Zacson), along with Danielle and Patrick for an especially animated episode of Waypoints, wherein we discuss glitter (the substance), Russian Doll (the TV series), and the AAF (the football league). First, we tackle Caity Weaver’s phenomenal investigation for the New York Times into glitter, discussing the shockingly secret industry. Then we talk about the dark, hilarious, off-kilter vibes of Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland’s Russian Doll, about a woman who keeps dying and repeating a particularly weird section of her life. Finally, we help Patrick decide on a team to root for in the AAF, a new football league with the potential to be a developmental league for the NFL. Many logos are considered.

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For a moment, just a moment, I thought this was going to be about the Mariah Carey film. I am somewhat disappointed.


We stan the Memphis Express in this house!

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Wasn’t Patrick at Kotaku the same time that Caity Weaver was at Gawker?

Also, YOU (AKA not Danielle) DON’T KNOW CAITY WEAVER?!


Orlando Apollos logo dabbing into Patrick’s dabbing story into Danielle’s coming out story was extremely good, thank u. That alone should be enough to pick them for your team.

I kind of want to weigh in on Patrick’s Stallions vs Lions thing but I feel like the stunned silence followed by Cado’s yelling was really all that needed to be said about it.

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Patrick’s ardent defense of the power of glittering stallions make it clear what he’s supposed to pick. We gotta send Patrick to Bluff City.

The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs are in fact the AAA team for the Philadelphia Phillies, and this is their logo and motto:



The glitter use has to be advertisement, right? Like the way box photos of foods and things are faked to look way better than the actual product? Misleading in a way they don’t want discovered, wide enough use-case. Not world-shattering, but frustrating in the way that it always is knowing that you can never trust the pictures of how something “should” look when prepared.


Supposedly the reason why this is so secretive, is because it might be used in a lot of currency, and you obviously don’t want people to know exactly what is in currency or how to produce it.

They cover that in the podcast.

The currency theory is very strong, because we already know that the recipe for US currency is its own secret:

It still can be… I haven’t watched Glitter. Sell it to me?

What if alchemy is real and glitter is a main component used in the recipe to turn lead into gold. Which actually made me have a slightly more serious answer but maybe it’s used in the gem/jewelry industry in some way to make the shiny things shinier. I can imagine people would be pretty unhappy if they found out all their shiny diamonds are, to some degree, made of glitter.

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It’s myoglobin, the protein that disperses oxygen throughout the muscle, hence the red.


After I saw it in the tweet thread I’m also going with the theory that it’s used in currency recipes.
There are so many things it can be but the secrecy and quantity around it makes it quite a valid plausibility.

i was listening to this on the way to work this morning and i started going “what the fuck what the fuck” outloud to myself as the glitter discussion went on. the secrets of the glitter industry are going to haunt me forever.


If you enjoy time loops, I recommend the web serial mother of learning It’s about a young DnD style mage in school who gets trapped in a 1 month time loop. It’s fantastic



Setting aside the ethical problems for now, wouldn’t it be possible to pay a PI to follow glitter trucks to their destination and find out who’s using it that way? Presuming Big Glitter doesn’t pay them off first, that is.


If they have one main manufacturing plant, I doubt they are personally sending it to their customers via truck. They’re probably just dropping it off the a huge distribution center like Fedex or UPS.

So what you’re saying is that we need a mole on the inside… Can the Waypoint crew pull an Ocean’s 11 on this whole glitter operation? If anyone can blow this case wide open it’s them!

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