NOLF's inspiration on The Americans uncovered!

This find might interest the small group of people who are fans of both the greatest spy game of all time, No One Lives Forever (2000), and the greatest spy television series of all time, The Americans (2013-).

In the game you can find different pieces of intelligence providing information that can be useful or just fun. This letter is one of these pieces:

If you haven’t seen the show, let me explain. The Americans takes place in the 1980s and is about a married couple living in the US, but who are actually Soviet spies. A main plot thread of the series is the assignment given to the husband, Philip, where he must be involved with a woman named Martha. He does this under the identity of Clark.

There are too many things that match for it to be a coincidence in my mind. Of all the names in the world you can choose from! I was thinking that perhaps both No On Lives Forever and The Americans took inspiration from the same case (this sort of thing did happen), but I haven’t been able to find anything from searching.

I found this myself, but I know I’m not the first to do so. I did tweet this to Joe Weisberg, creator and writer of The Americans, but he is through very suspicious silence withholding the truth.

Tell me what you think!
And please gush about how good either of these two things are. If you haven’t heard of them before, gosh golly, do I recommend you check both of them out!


I’m here to gush about NOLF. It’s such an incredible bummer that these games aren’t available anywhere or easily playable on modern systems.

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I recall some talking about a night dive re-release few years ago, but it ultimately fell through because the rights are too tangled up or something. sometimes we just cant have nice things.
Also, the Americans is probably the best show not enough people watch so if you are sleeping on it… get binging already

Actually they are! Just google No One Lives Forever and you will find it. Not sure what the forum policy is on this particular case so I won’t link it.


You’re right, I had no idea! RPS posted about it, so I’m guessing it could be considered legit?

NOLF is probably the one big game that is in legal limbo. No one has been able to track down everyone needed to get the rights to the game which means it’s basically out there in the ether with no way to be sold legally. It’s a shame because it’s a fun game. I just lucked out and found a old physical copy at a used electronics store. I passed it on to one of my friends as I figured I’d spread the love.

omg, I just arrived at this forum and was scrolling down the thread list and “WAIT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT NOLF HERE? OMG OMG!”

Yeah, I absolutely loved NOLF and NOLF2 back in the day. I often think back when playing modern FPS games how many things those games did right that more modern games seem to have forgotten, or make a huge point of it when they add it again.

I remember reading about the people trying to get it re released a while ago (wasn’t it the GOG people?). I think in the case of the first one or something they couldn’t even find the actual source code to give it a proper revamp for modern OSes.

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Yea, the GOG team hunted for it for years and then Night Dive Studios tried to get the rights but it’s just a huge legal clustercuss that no one has been able to sort out.

Like @mango mentioned, there are ways to find it and since no one seems to be able to exercise rights over the IP, it’s basically not going to be distributed again unless that changes. Given the track record, no one will be selling No One Lives Forever anytime soon.

All that being said, I’m not here to tell anyone about the legality or ethics of pirating a game, just giving people the facts.

Like I mentioned before, I lucked out finding physical copies secondhand. If people on here really want to play it without a sense of guilt, I might be able to get my friend to send it to an interested party. Shoot me a message and I’ll try to contact him and see if he’s willing to send them on to someone else. If enough people are interested, we could pass it around.