None of you can stop me from doing a flip


I’m gonna do a flip, none of you can stop me


Prove it or move it


just you watch.

you will be too busy watching to get me to stop from the flip


Don’t do it you have family and friends that love you it’s too daneruous to go through with the flip!


After a long day of flipping do you go for some chocolate flips?


Back or front? Paint us a mental picture of this choice wet stunt.


*leading a chorus of rowdy teens as we smack our hands against the table, rattling the mashed potatoes off our plastic trays* DO A FLIP DO A FLIP DO FLIP DO A FLIP i bet he’s DO not gonna A do it FLIP DO A too chicken DO A FLIP DO im getting mr andersen A FLIP DO A FLIP narc DO A FLIP


please, one question at a time.

  1. my family has begged me not to do the flip. They are as powerless as each of you to stop me. One day, they will thank me, because The Flip will put us on The Map.

  2. I will get diplomatic immunity from the flip, which means i will be able to eat whatever kind of flip I want, included the dreaded Meat Flip

  3. That is up to my manager


Flip is not a food.



tell that to the demets snack corporation, as well as the evil skulker whose name we all know: the maker of the dreaded Meat Flip


Ugh, I thought this thread was about the one kind of flip, but now this person is talking about a whole other type of edible flip. This isn’t what I signed up for.


Yeah, but that’s Flipz.


The plural form of the food item Flip is Flipz

the plural form of the Feat of Immense Physical Ability and Power That None of You Can Stop Me From Doing is Flips.


Real talk, can you actually do a flip?


We will find out together


Well I wish you all the best with your ‘Flip’.


do a flip u dip


tbqh I’d prefer a somersault. can you do a somersault instead?


I did a flip once. Overrated imo. Meh. 1 star.