Not Content With Just Loot Boxes, 'NBA 2K20' Has Actual Casino Games

You may as well smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, according to a breathtaking new ad for NBA 2K20’s increasingly casino-like MyTeam feature released today.

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Honestly I am almost too impressed by the sheer gall of it to be mad about it

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Pachinko? They’ve got it, just look at the fun 2K YouTubers like Cash Nasty are having with it! The slots are loose, and you just have to cup your hands and start scooping the hall of famers off the floor. Go on, give that wheel a spin, find out what’s in the box. And be sure to notice timed MyTEAM events like Token Mania! There’s some basketball in there too, maybe.

The entire thing is crass and the trailer has a hokey quality that feels a bit like the sizzle reel of a basic cable infomercial.

Of course, being this brazen with a franchise this globally popular only increases the odds of killing Golden Gacha Goose, but that is a problem for the future.

Oh how I wish I was a skilled enough writer to convey this level of sardonic disdain.


Don’t worry, I have more than enough anger for the both of us.

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