Not enough Ooblets talk


My excitement for E3’s best in show cannot be contained. Who’s your favorite little friend? Fleeble? Clickyclaws? I myself already feel quite connected to Gloopylonglegs.


I can’t take it… the ooblets… they’re just so charming!!!


I just want to ooble.


My favorite game of the show. The cuteness is overwhelming.


I mean, look at this tall sir:


I do not turn my laptop on enough and thus am heartbroken this isn’t coming to PS4 </3


Can I just say

We need more games with great fashion




The fashion choices that we’ve seen in this game are a) adorable b) more extensive than most games I’ve seen, like ever. On top of the Slime Girls soundtrack and already incredible art, this game is one of absolute top games to watch in the next year. Just wow.



it can’t come soon enough tbh.


The fact that this game doesn’t come out until next year hurts me. It is so made for me that I wish I didn’t know about it until the day it came out.