Noted lets play channel "Super Best Friends Play" Ends

After 9 years of running with a storied history of being problematic and having an incredibly toxic fanbase in many ways, with improvements over time on their content, the lets play channel “Super best friends play” and the brand is now over


This was wild to wake up to, as I started watching them with the Detroit LP. I kept thinking there was gonna be a punchline, but nah.

I didn’t follow this channel particularly closely (although know folks who do) and this came as a surprise to me – is there any relevant background to this that folks could shed some insight on? It seems like it has been a bolt from the blue for a few people, so perhaps it is as surprising to insiders as outsiders.

Hearing that they’re ending explicitly because they aren’t friends anymore is, hoo that’s rough to hear.


It makes me wonder just how long that’s been the case. Like, how many series were there where they couldn’t stand each other?

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I’ve not been actively watching them myself, but in the video it states that the two main members Matt and Pat are no longer friends, and it appears money is one of the issues behind it.

I’ve never really followed SBF. I had friends who really liked their LPs, but it was never in my diet.

As upsetting as it is to hear that their friendship suffered, it seems like things are not toxic so caustic as to not want to be associated with one another.

It’s probably a good idea to keep Rule 10 in mind at a time like this!


I tried to get into their stuff back in the Machinima days and their first couple seasons just felt like Everything else on YouTube at the time, a lot of half-scripted yelly forced meme-type humor and I didn’t subscribe.

A few years ago my now-partner got me back into them and I’d found they’d gotten more friends and did longer form LPs and just got…Genuine? But not in the way we talk about “genuine” content creators coming off as. Like some of their LPs dont have jokes, full-stop, it’s like 2 or more of them just playing a videogame but it’s pre-recorded and not a stream so it’s a Little more “On camera” feeling but a lot of the humor just comes from their in-jokes and how like. If they’re Hype for something you can tell it’s earnest excitement and love of the medium. And I loved whenever they got into their experience as QA testers. And their small fanbase, while toxic overall, has a lot of talented people that they legit would connect and bump and befriend and collaborate with.

They definitely are just Capital-G Gamers that don’t take a Lot of hard public stances other than “Hey man don’t be an asshole” but like. Again, they were as far as I could tell harmless and entertaining and they had a library of in-jokes that once I got in on them Always cracked me up. My partner and I are heartbroken, we always loved marathoning their full LPs together, and their Halloween ShitStorm series they did all October was the highlight of our year.

There’s worse LPers on YouTube. I wish them the best in their solo endeavors and hope the ones who are still friends continue to guest and collab.


I’ve watched a few Friday Night Fisticuffs and Saturday Morning Scrublords. They were one of the only channels out there exploring really shitty, unheard of fighting games with the latter series and I really appreciated that, not only as a TO that runs mystery game tournaments but just as a fighting game fan in general.

That being said, I never really was a fan of their “content”. I was there for the gameplay way more than the people themselves.

The exception being the opening to Saturday Morning Scrublords, which is High Art™.


I’ve never heard of these guys before today but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have a morbid fascination with these types of videos and stories.

The “why I’m leaving YouTube” video is crack for me because it’s where the veil or facade drops and it’s just someone being disappointed and bitter with a creative endeavour. Failure of all forms is fascinating to me, which is probably why my own creative projects have never gone anywhere.

Anyway, I guess this sucks? These guys don’t seem great and the reading I’ve done upon seeing this news seems like they cultivated a community of nasty dickheads, but people should stay friends and do creative stuff together.

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Hey all,
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I hope Pat, Matt, and Woolie all do well in their solo endeavors. I finally got into them this year and went through their back catalogs, and I’m amazed by something about them.

You can see all of them become better people over time. Pat stops using the r-slur, they call out really gross stuff in games when they come across it (Woolie even addresses the inherent hypocrisy of Persona 5’s thesis in the DmC play through, which really took me aback), and they were just really good at using their own personalities to entertain while genuinely engaging with a game.

I got sick of Game Grumps over the past few years because it became clear that it was mostly just Arin and Dan chatting to each other while not really paying attention, or Arin would just not bother at all to engage with a game and shit on it for his own bad play. But Super Best Friends never really did that. Even with bad games (omg the Omikron playthrough), they’re trying to understand it while having fun with each other and sharing their genuine reactions with an audience. It felt different from a stream because of their chemistry together. It was a mix of performance and genuine reaction (you could tell they researched a few things before sessions so they had things to discuss about the game, especially with the DMC playthroughs), and that really impressed me.

Most LPers I’ve seen just make the LP about them, but they started to spotlight the games they played. By the end of their GOD HAND playthrough, I didn’t come away thinking Pat or Woolie said a funny thing, but further thinking about how I could change my builds in the game itself. Even when they played David Cage games, their favorite whipping boy, they did give the games the benefit of the doubt. They even found fun in them despite their many, many, MANY problems (BALLOON, BALLOON, GOTTA GET THE BALLOON).

I don’t care at all about talking about the drama aspect of this. There’s no point in it. Both Matt and Pat have not at all talked about it and seem to have left on at least terms of respect for each other, and that instantly makes them miles above so, so many other youtubers I’ve seen.

There’s a lot to discuss about them, what they did right and what they did wrong. But the thing is that they weren’t reviewers or critics. They weren’t trying to make content examining a game on a deeper level. They were entertainers, but they were entertainers who managed to actually show off the games they played and not just use them as riffing material or background noise. They became better people as the years went on. They also have real experience in the game industry and taught me a lot about gaming history and norms of the industry I didn’t know.

I respect them a lot for that.


Jumping in this thread as a someone who’s main online games content consumption comes through 2 avenues, waypoint and the best friends

it hurts man.
i’ve been watching these guys for years and it just sucks.

they’ve been going for 9 years at this point and to have it just kinda fizzle out after years and years of good times is just like… they’ve been so consistent for so long. other channels breaking apart of leaving or imploding for reasons of drama or the ‘ad-pocalypse’ or whatever else these guys were still going like its still 2010 and having a good time bar the liam leaving times which was a fairly dramatic affair but definitely a thing of the past.

echoing thoughts above about them improving overtime aswell they matured along with the fanbase (including me) they’ve all mellowed out with age but still have that passion and fun that made them so compelling in the first place.

the friendcast gave more structure to my week than my work timetable and finding out about so many awesome games and shows entertainment through them has brought a whole load of happiness to me and a whole lot of other people.

im glad theyve done whats best for them at the end of the day. if the fun is gone the fun is gone, and what with them spinning off into their own side projects the writing was kinda on the wall, i didnt want to see it though.

i think im just rambling at this point but im heartbroken, if anyone in this thread is kinda looking at them thinking ‘another shitty problematic gamertm youtube channel has imploded due to drama, oh how my hear bleeds’ this isnt that, the bestfriends spent allot of time highlighting lesser known works and highlighting artists and other talents they surrounded themselves with online and really nurtured an in the end positive internet community that has been a place of fun and respite for countless people going through hard times and the internet would be a darker place without them.