Novembeat Challenge

Novembeat is a challenge to make 16 or so bars of music every day in November, posted wherever you want and tagged #novembeat. (the tweet I found this from)

Thought it would be a cool idea to see if anyone else is up for doing this and posting each days music hear to share. Would be good to see what people do!

Here is my first one - kind of a short form skeletal sounding beat


This seems fun!

I set up a new Soundcloud account for it, so here’s my first beat …it’s extremely messy, but I’ll get better (hopefully).

That skeletal beat’s pretty chill. I like the slow background melody a lot.

Edit: well, it’s November 2nd now, so I figured I’d go ahead and get a second beat done.

Edit: I made a playlist which I’ll try to keep updated throughout the month (as of November 4, I’m actually a bit ahead of schedule).


Nice that’s really cool. I really like the second one it reminds me of some sort of game exploration music!

Should it be a particular genre?

No I assume it’s just literally anything, don’t worry about genre :slight_smile:

I’m falling behind on it, but I’ll work on two beats tonight, upload to my, and post them here.

Edit: These are really rough and rushed, but now that I’m caught up, I’ll be doing other styles and put a little more time into it


Those are both pretty cool. I like your gradual layering of parts a lot (and wish I was better at that).

One of the things I like about this challenge is you can throw together 16 bars pretty quickly if you need to. I was hoping to get more ambitious today, but ran into some technical difficulties and ended up putting together a fairly straightforward track.

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Keep up the good work! I cant make proper endings to my beats like you. Ill try to focus on that tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s what I made for today

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You just need one extra note at the end of that 3rd clip for it to have a “proper” ending (specifically a C, because that’s the root/tonic note of your melody, and you ended on a G which is the fifth/dominant; you could use other endings as well, but that’s the most obvious and “final” sounding one). If you’re using a loop pack, extending the loop a little bit should do the trick.

I don’t use loop packs. I feel likes its kinda cheating unless you are taking the loop and altering them completely. I do everything by hand or write them in via midi and novation launchpad.

Here is the new one for today! I’m really liking this idea of making a beat everyday and challenging myself to do different styles.

Yeah, I don’t use loop packs either, but your stuff’s polished enough that it wouldn’t sound out of place in one.

My technique for making tracks for this challenge so far has consisted entirely of recording improvisations on a midi controller. I was thinking of trying to write out an actual song, but as soon as I started I remembered that it’s actually a lot of work. I definitely appreciate the dedication involved in writing out everything by hand. [Edit: I just realized you might have not have meant that literally in the “writing things with pen and paper” sense, but whatever, you’re doing cool stuff is all I’m saying.]

And for the regular update, hear are my beats 4 and 5.

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I tried to make an actual song and got carried away. I went over the 16 bar rule, but hey, at least I’m having fun, right?

This one includes me singing after eating KBBQ so I hope you enjoy the food coma jams.

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I also tried something… different today. I call it “Three Angry Monkeys Fighting on a Piano” because I wanted to distract from the fact that it’s my lowest-effort track so far by giving it an artsy name. The inspiration for this was that I noticed were some pretty cool pieces from other people doing Novembeat that were highly dissonant and played with the imperfections in recorded instruments (like Sockpuppet’s genuinely lovely Dead Cabbage).

Edit: I wanted to work on a “normal” track today, so I made “Synth Trumpet Solo!” as tomorrow’s beat.

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I really do like that first track! Its weird and dissonant but made me listen to it twice.

So I’ve been playing Super Mario Odyssey lately and I really just wanted to make a track opposite feeling of it. The music in that game is great, but its almost too cheery at times and I wanted to take a break from it so I made this.


So I have already completely failed at this challenge. haaa

You guys keep up the good work though - I suppose studying music is somehow not as conductive to making a beat a day as I first thought…

Well even if you’re not making a beat per day, feel free to post any beats you feel inspired to make. With this sort of challenge - whether it’s a game jam, hackathon, or challenge month - it’s often more fun to be involved if you’re not super focused on the goal. And thanks for bringing up the idea in the first place, I hadn’t written any music in a long time before this and it’s been a lot of fun.

Join in on the fun. Even if its throwaway beats like mine is today. It could spark some inspo later.

Heres todays throwaway beat. I almost forgot since its destiny 2 reset day lol

Here are my 8th and 9th beats.

I’m really starting to feel constrained by the limited set of default virtual instruments in GarageBand (which is what I’ve been using so far). I have better tools available on Windows which is what I used to use to write music, but my aging laptop isn’t as responsive as I’d like for recording music.

A couple of days ago I experimented with making a Soundfont out of a sample from Waypoint Radio, but I don’t want to post that without getting it OK’d by the person I sampled vocals from (which I have not yet managed to do). I like the idea of creating my own virtual instruments though, so I may try again with my own recorded samples. In the meantime, I scrambled a couple beats together to stay on schedule.

It happened. I fell behind and never jumped back on. I was worried this would happened. I’ll try to jump back in soon. In the mean time, keep it up!

I fell a bit behind myself, but put some quick tracks together to get caught up again. I feel like I write better music when I’m ahead of the daily schedule, so I kept going and quite like how tomorrow’s beat turned out.

(I’ve stopped posting each individual beat in this thread, but they’re all on my soundclound page.)