Now That Star Wars Is Free of EA's Exclusivity, What Kind of Games Can We Get?

Kingdom Hearts with Star Wars

Luke Skywalker: But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!
Uncle Owen: You can waste time with your friends when your chores are done.
Goofy, there on Tattooine: Gawrsh


Give Yoko Taro a Star Wars game.

I would love to see a Cadence of Hyrule situation where a small indie team makes a good enough pitch that Lucasfilm Games gives them the keys. What does Fullbright’s Star Wars game look like?

Let Sucker Punch (or the For Honor team) make a Star Wars lightsaber dueling game.

I don’t know what else Lucasfilm has on offer besides Indiana Jones and Star Wars, but as far as Star Wars goes, I’m optimistic that the license being back with Lucasfilm will mean that we’ll get more Star Wars games than EA was willing/able to offer.


I’m just going to link a pitch for a star wars moisture farming game I did on another thread.

Apart from that.

  • A Star Wars space trucking game.
  • Star Wars monster hunter
  • New Republic Commando? Maybe a Rebel Shocktrooper styled tactics game.

Star Wars already is half-Kingdom Hearts. (Half Xehanort?) Palpatine has Replicas.

We just need Nobody Jedis.

Seriously license it to anybody with a good pitch who’s made good games. If a proven studio wants to make a Star Wars game they should get a shot. Just want a wide variety. Cadence of Hyrule as somebody said up thread is a great example.

Flipside is I hope working on Star Wars doesn’t kill independent new IP stuff, especially from smaller devs. In my ideal world you do a good Star War and make money to fund whatever new thing your studio wants to do.

Like Velocirapture I’m reupping my post from the other thread.


The most shocking part of Episode IX was when Rey got Norted


Elite: Dangerous but Star Wars would be neat. But mostly I want to see what a Star Wars walking sim is like.


While this new wave of licensed game content is already starting to make me wary (James Bond, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter all getting big games), I’d love if in a post-New Trilogy world, Disney chilled a little on the canon and really let people do whatever. Like, give me Diaries of a Coruscant Janitor. Give me Reigns where you’re balancing the Force instead of your factions.

But in the realm of bigger studios getting to do their thing, I’m very boring and really just want Obsidian to make Kotor 3. If I could make a Gummi X-Wing and get a light-keyblade, I’d be happy too.

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I’m of two minds on more exclusive projects like Marvel’s Spider-Man. On the one hand, I think exclusives are anti-consumer. On the other hand, if Microsoft is just going to write the check up front so Obsidian can make the game they want to make without having to worry about monetizing it (Marvel’s Avengers…hello), I think I can get over it.

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My feeling is that licensed games are going to happen no matter what so I’d rather interesting studios like Machine Games and IO make them.


I uhhhhh cant see Disney doing anything interesting with the licensing lol, everything I’ve heard about them and EA makes it sound like they were the problem there lmao

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My understanding is that there were two major issues with Battlefront II:

  1. Disney was always concerned with how they were going to make money.
  2. Everything always had to go back to Lucasfilm for approval.

If this “Lucasfilm Games” group functions like the Marvel Games team, they embed with the development team directly which functionally eliminates the feedback turnaround time. The ROI thing is where I think these games are going to get into trouble.

Lucasarts/Lucasfilm have a history of being notoriously hands on with licensed properties, and I have had beverages with people who confirm the micromanagement headaches. It’d be nice to see them let some developers run wild, but I have doubts. Disney is weird. They let some extremely low quality stuff out in the world, but if something has a budget they seem to be pretty controlling too.

Take the flying bits from Squadrons, make the missions a bit more dynamic, the AI a little better, and bolster the ship selection by a few models.

Add an XCOM 2-like strategic layer in which you move your flagship around the galaxy, investigating stuff and doing missions, including ones that give you resources to use on repairing or upgrading your squadron’s ships.

If you’re feeling experimental give the pilots (randomized/dynamic?) personalities that interact with each other and influence their combat AI, like what Watch_Dogs 3 could have been.


Squadrons + Shadow of Mordor nemesis system who says no


I’m not very familiar with Star Wars beyond having seen the movies (not 8 or 9), but I’d be very into another podracing game. I only played the pc demo of the old one, but it continues to tumble around in my head.


Aces are a part of WW2 mythology, which Star Wars is cribbing from hard. That would go so well.


Star Wars: New Vegas please.

Just let me be a small player in a relatively low-stakes story, take missions from different factions, ally with/betray who I please, and travel around an open world.

(Wait, do I just want Mandalorian the game?)


I tried to get away from EA studios when coming up with games but the flying tech from Anthem would make a pretty good basis for a Mandalorian game.