Now That Star Wars Is Free of EA's Exclusivity, What Kind of Games Can We Get?

Squadrons + Shadow of Mordor nemesis system who says no


I’m not very familiar with Star Wars beyond having seen the movies (not 8 or 9), but I’d be very into another podracing game. I only played the pc demo of the old one, but it continues to tumble around in my head.


Aces are a part of WW2 mythology, which Star Wars is cribbing from hard. That would go so well.


Star Wars: New Vegas please.

Just let me be a small player in a relatively low-stakes story, take missions from different factions, ally with/betray who I please, and travel around an open world.

(Wait, do I just want Mandalorian the game?)


I tried to get away from EA studios when coming up with games but the flying tech from Anthem would make a pretty good basis for a Mandalorian game.


I don’t think that’s what moisture farming is. I always thought the pole things were like condensers that were taking in water from the atmosphere.

Star Wars Absolver!

Hang on, let me make the sell: You take the combat deck from Absolver with all the stances, flows, and change ups but instead of palm strikes and what have you, you make the deck out of the moves from the seven lightsaber combat forms.

Watch_Dogs 3 but you’re in the capital city of a mid-rim planet building up a local resistance against the Empire. And, unlike the blunder Ubi made in Watch_Dogs 3, you cannot recruit the Stormtroopers! There is like a .5% chance though of your newest recruit dropping the bomb on you of “hey, it’s really cool that you brought me on for this cause I’m actually Jedi in hiding or some flavor of Force user.”

On Kotaku I’d pitched the Nemesis system of the latest ACs for a Jedi-ey game but replace the bounty hunters with Inquisitors.

Do the exact same ark as Rebels and have the PC struggle early game to defeat the one Inquisitor on their tail only to reveal once they’re dead that there are plenty more Inquisitors to pick up that hunt. Bam, Nemesis System!

Oh, pensive ass New Vegas Obsidian, make a Star Wars game, please… How has Zachary Levi not been in a Star Wars?

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Real talk: the only Star Wars game I’ve ever wanted is a Star Wars strategy game set in a universe where the Empire wins the Battle of Yavin and you have to rebuild the Rebellion any way you can.

I played this game in a dream. It was fucking awesome. I want it to be real.

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Just let Firaxis do something with it. Civilization but it’s just Star Wars could be really good. As others have said XCOM2 but Star Wars could be amazing if they can find a way to just not give players an over powered jedi unit. I think they could also make a good Chimera squad clone and would make for a better narrative vehicle then normal XCOM gameplay.

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Perhaps they can reform Visceral and resurrect 1313?

(haha, I wish the games industry worked like that)

KOTOR 3 for starters! Or more Star Wars RPG’s in a similar vein. Other things:

  • Star Wars Homeworld: where you control a rebel fleet and you have to fly around the galaxy building your strength and avoiding Imperial forces, until the final confrontation at Endor.

  • Star Wars flight sim RPG: An RPG where the talking and walking occurs on ships and stations, but the action in an X-Wing like arena.

  • Starfighter X-Com: Like X-Com, but where you control a squadron you can customize? Home base is a cross section Mon Cal or ISD

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It could be about the whole group of senators i.e. Mothna et al putting together the Rebellion from the start.

Put Jimmy Smits in a video game!

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The absurd lethality and beam-deflecting properties of lightsabers, along with Force-enhanced reflexes, seem like they’d fit Super Hot style gameplay like a glove.


Papers, Please except you play as that officer from Solo who names every lone person that wants to leave the planet but not give their real name Solo.


Sim City but planet wide. Basically you’re building Coruscant.

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Let an indie team take a shot at KOTOR 3 you cowards


I’d be interested to see what Larian would do if they were given the chance.

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Life is Strange but you’re a child gifted with the Force.


Holy shit that would rule so much

a dating sim in which you play as grandpa palpatine.

how that guy managed to have sex with anyone ever needs to be explained