Now That Star Wars Is Free of EA's Exclusivity, What Kind of Games Can We Get?

“Amongst my digging, I heard there is a Knights of the Old Republic project in development somewhere,” Bespin Bulletin said. “I talked to a couple of people, and I also found out that Jason Schreier said that it’s not with EA, and we’ll ‘never guess’ who the studio is that’s making this game.”

HMM. The phrasing of that is… Interesting.

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Dare I dream that Obsidian is on this? Something of the scale of Outer Worlds would be my ideal for KotOR 3.

It’s not impossible, but that would mean there are three Obsidian teams. Obsidian looks like they’re only staffing up for Avowed right now, so it’s probably not them.

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Ooohhh, let’s try anyway. With that phrasing, Bethesda and Obsidian are certainly out. Larian, while fun to think about, also seems too sensible a guess to me, and they’re probably busy enough for the foreseeable future. I think it’s most likely a western AAA (maybe AA) developer, and not one that would tie the game to a specific platform by default.

A plausible guess that I kinda hope is not correct: Ubisoft

Some unlikely-but-god-can-you-imagine guesses: FromSoftware, Team Ninja or Kojima Productions

And my actual guess, the one that counts for bragging rights if it turns out to be true: Crytek!
I think they have the chops to make a game visually high-end enough to please the marketing people. They haven’t really done an RPG, but have strayed from first person shooters enough in the past that I think this wouldn’t be an impossibility for them. And they’re certainly not a studio you would guess for such a game, even though I just did :wink:

So, any more out there guesses? :slight_smile:


GameFreak reimagining KOTOR as a game where you collect droids and use them to battle other droids.

But actual my long-shot guess would be Zenimax Online. IIRC, they started ramping up for a project involving a new, unspecified IP a little while ago and they have RPG experience but would be a surprising choice for a game that’s A) not connected to a Bethesda IP and B) singleplayer.


I don’t know that any publisher would constrain themselves to their own IP if presented with an opportunity to get some of that Star Wars bread, but I agree that it would be a surprising choice to hand an MMO developer a single-player game.

I wonder if it’s an Insomniac getting Spider-Man situation. When the rumor went around that a Sony first-party (Insomniac was second-party at the time, not that the distinction matters to anyone but me) studio was working on a new Spider-Man game, everyone assumed that was Sucker Punch’s new project because of their work on inFamous. Spider-Man wound up not being all that far outside of Insomniac’s usual wheelhouse, so it’s a matter of finding a developer with the financing and the capacity to make it happen, but not necessarily previous experience in the RPG genre.


This is a highly unlikely, but I’d be super down for Guerilla Games’ KOTOR3. They could be doing preproduction now so they can roll into it after Forbidden West releases.

Additional thoughts:
The main reason I think it’s unlikely is that SW games are almost always as crossplatform as they can be and GG is with Sony.
But aside from that I think they’re kind of a perfect fit. Big open world witcher3-y games are what sell the biggest if you’re making a single player rpg now-a-days and GG made the most recent one of those outside of AC. They also have their starwarsy scifi aesthetic bases covered from space-nazis to the tech-embedded-with-wildlife-in-many-different-biomes in horizon. Horizon is also exaaactly the level of woke I’d expect star wars to be going for right now.


That’s…precisely the kind of studio I’m talking about, actually. Virtually infinite money and personnel who made an RPG-adjacent game in Horizon.

I really wish Jason Schreier would resurrect the old EGM rumor mill Quartermann. Publish a monthly round-up of rumors and make half of them fake.

I would suggest (with little hope) that Subset Games or Zachtronics be given the license

(also maybe just abolish ip, there’s probably Good star wars fan work out there I don’t know about bc I live under a rock)


I’ll take a guess with another RPG-focused studio that I think flies a bit more under the radar…what about InXile? They have real RPG chops, and while they’ve mainly done isometric CRPGs, I could see them transitioning to bigger budget AAA RPGs now that they’re first-party with Microsoft.

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Powerful yet hideous and evil man gets laid doesn’t really need an explanation because… *gestures vaguely at reality

Hope you’re all ready for this story and Vice’s favourite gaming topic of recent months to be smashed together. Yes, it’s CDPR who’re doing Kotor 3



i simply can’t bring myself to believe it :sweat:

That one probably has the highest combined score in “plausible” + “unfortunate”


Do I want a game about being the droid that uses a weird circlular interface to solve programming problems and hack imperial bases for the clueless Jedi while under blaster fire.

YES. YES I do.

Disney Give Zachtronics A License.


I want this as a sequel to Solo where you free L3-37 from her eternal servitude as the Millennium Falcon’s computer. Also, I want to see what Star Wars Solitaire (Holotaire?) is like.