NPR - The Mountain Goats Announces Dungeons & Dragons-Inspired Album

Sign me all the way up.


I am so excited for this. I was born for this

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They better have some tavern ass music I can play in a game, I swear to God.

This is some real Heretic Pride/All Eternals Deck sounding stuff and I am so in.

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I haven’t played DnD in a long while now, though tbh I want to get back into it. And i’ve been getting into Mountain Goats, so this is like perfect for me haha

they appeared on the official d&d twitch channel:

(music starts at 17:30 or so)

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please have a fucking jam i can play when my party enters a tavern please please please.

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ahhh yes how i needed this.

Is this the best drums have ever sounded on a Mountain Goats track?

I only listen to the Mountain Goats anyway

The crossover my poor heart didn’t know it beated for.

I found the Mountain Goats after the release of Goths, and they quickly became my favorite band, so I’m super excited that my year of working through the discography will be capped off by a new album
Edit: oh boy, GOths came out in May '17, not December, it will have been almost 2 years…
What is time?

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