Nvidia's 3080 Video Cards Sell Out Immediately, Crashing Several Websites

Nvidia began selling its new generation of graphics cards this morning at 9AM. Within minutes, the cards were sold out and the websites of multiple major retailers had crashed. It was a repeat of what happened the previous night with the PlayStation 5. Video games are big business, everyone wants the newest technology, and retailers aren’t prepared to meet the demand of an audience that has little to do but stay at home and play video games during a pandemic. Now, pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 and RTX 3080 line of graphics cards are listed on Ebay for double and triple their suggested retail price.

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Yeah, in France where I live they sold out everywhere in the space of about 20 minutes. I can definitely believe that some of this is due to miners, given that the mining benchmarks I’ve seen have shown exceptional hash rates.

I have a feeling most people who want one of these puppies are going to have to wait a bit.

Yikes, I guess this means that, once again, the street price of these things ain’t going to be anywhere near the MSRP. They also hinted supply was going to limited early on, so…

Based on the 2xxx series, the cards were never going to be at MSRP in the long run, especially non-founders edition cards

I’m super sour over this. Crypto people and scalpers are the worst.

Have third parties started manufacturing cards or is this allocation just from NVIDIA? If it’s the latter I don’t necessarily think that this is indicative of holiday shortages necessarily.

I was helping crash sites I’m sure but I refreshed several sites pretty frequently and never once saw a SKU that wasn’t sold out.

Aren’t the founders editions of Nvidia cards notoriously buggy/shoddy? Probably good to wait until other manufacturers get a hold of it.

Founders cards are only sold by Nvidia, so any other retailers will be selling partner cards.

Aaaaaaand now, despite being sold out and no-one knowing when they’ll be back in stock, prices on all cards listed online have shot up due to demand. I’m seeing cards that were at 750€ two hours ago now being listed as 850€…


I woke up at like 4:30AM to make sure I was ready to grab one asap, but they sold out before I could even refresh the page once. Didn’t even get the chance to fail adding to cart. I knew my odds were low, but I didn’t expect it to be that impossible.

I’d be content to wait for the 3070 if I wasn’t so sure the same thing was going to happen. I might have to buy a super budget card to hold me over for a few months until I can actually get my hands on a 30 series card without having to sell my soul.

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Hey, where do you guys go to generally keep abreast of PC news? The building scene is one I’ve wanted to get into for a little while, but I’m not really sure which websites are convenient sources of information

Brad Shoemaker.


Honestly r/BuildAPC is one of the better popular subreddits. Plus people are pretty quick to answer questions or give feedback on part lists.

There’s normally mega threads around releases like this that have benchmarks and comparability listings.

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PC Part Picker is one of my favorite sites.


It was kind of a joke but Brad and Will Smith have a good tech podcast that often dives into this stuff https://techpod.content.town/


I was about to say. Let’s not leave Will “PUBG God” Smith out of this!

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I would argue if you’re not using PC Part picker you’re asking for comparability trouble.

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