'Objects in Space' Knows the Future Sucks, But Makes the Best of It

Spoilers for the first 20 minutes of objects in space.

If you haven’t played Objects in Space—Flat Earth Games’ space game of trade and stealth—you should try it. I’m going to spoil the premise of the game here (which you find out about 20 minutes in), because it’s relevant to my point, but it’s worth saving the surprise if you play it!

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This is a great write-up! I picked up Objects in Space because some folks were talking about its similarities to Silent Hunter, that extremely good submarine simulator. I really loved figuring out all the ship’s weird systems and controls, but found myself really charmed by the writing and characterization. I think dystopias tend to be a dime a dozen these days, and living inside of one also gives those works a threatening tenor: “you think things are bad now, get a load of what a real dystopia looks like.” What I appreciated about Objects in Space is that, while it’s not portraying a perfect utopia, and in many ways just pushes some of our worst systems into the future a bit, there’s still a palpable sense of hope.

And honestly, at this point I’ll take all the hope I can find.

This game sounds really interesting and all of the stuff about hope in a bad world is incredibly appealing to me right now.

Question for someone who has played this: is there a main story/plot to progress through, is it a complete open world sandbox, or somewhere in between? I really struggle with games that throw you into a bunch of mechanics and say “go! make your own fun!” – 4x games in particular, but also things like Euro Truck Sim etc where the gameplay experience itself is the reward. I thought Battletech struck a nice balance in that you could system hop and do as many missions as you wanted to upgrade your mechs and gear but you always had the main story to come back to when you wanted to make progress.