'Observer' Is the Dark Cyberpunk We Deserve in 2017


In 2017, cyberpunk should be this depressing.

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This game sounds amazing. While I’m not familiar with the studio’s other work, Observer sounds like it will be a little like Soma, in that it will be an under-appreciated gem that, perhaps, deserved a little more attention than it got at the time.


I loved all the cyberpunk elements of the game. There really is very little upside (that we see) to this vision of the future and the integration of humans and technology.

However, much like Soma, I found the parts of the game where I had to sneak around to avoid a monster (and a game over) felt a little forced and didn’t add anything to the game. In fact they kind of made me enjoy the game less. The game was terrifying and disturbing enough without these parts.


For anyone who was curious about this game (like myself), but never got around it trying it, it just got added to Xbox Game Pass today.