OK, Look, This Video Game Based on 'The Mummy' is Actually Good


Everyone has an enormous backlog for 2017 already, and with Super Mario Odyssey, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and Assassin's Creed: Origins all dropping in the next 24 hours, there's no shortage of new games to play. That alone would give most people good reason to ignore The Mummy Demastered. But what if I told you WayForward, masters of the throwback game, developed The Mummy Demastered? What if I told that despite being a licensed game for an incredibly mediocre movie, a movie that single-handedly seemed to kill the aspirations of Universal's ill-conceived Dark Universe, it has some really cool ideas?

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Heard very good things about this over the past few days. Bit worried about the difficulty (I stopped Shantae halfway through as I found it too tricky to be enjoyable) but I am very tempted. Need to finish SW Dig 2 though. And Mario obviously. Though I did get Golf Story finished yesterday.

Christ, I only really use a Switch these days and I still can’t keep up with the good games!


WayForward doesn’t have a spotless record, but they somehow managed to make a fun BloodRayne game, so I’m never going to judge their games by the license.


Is it weird that I kinda wanna play this more than most of the other recent releases?


Honestly this part and the piece solidifies what I suspected from the trailer that I’m not going to be playing this one. It looks way too similar to WayForward’s Aliens: Infestation game to be good. That’s another game where the presentation was nice but the action was awful and super tedious and this looked the same. :confused:

I don’t know, whenever I see pieces that open up like “this game has some good ideas” and then the “good ideas” consist 100% of “it’s ______ but with guns,” I mean lmao yeah okay.

Also as someone who did suffer through The Mummy, AGAIN we have a product where they made this cool mummy design and stuff and…I wish folks had just made a game where we play as this awesome version of The Mummy. She’s only in the movie for like ten minutes.


I heard that Aliens game was pretty underrated!


I like the idea that Russell Crowe signed on for this movie (and presumably the Jekyll and Hyde movie as well) but when he got to the “signing his likeness away to be used in any tie-ins” part of the contract he probably brought his hand down firmly on the table and said “NO. This…this is too far.”


It’s not terrible! Just it’s a game where you shoot a lot of stuff and the shooting is pretty boring.

It does this thing where enemies with a gun/projectile attack very very soon after they appear. Because of the character animations most of the action involves walking forward, then crouching and shooting as soon as you see a flicker of something scrollinto view, then walking forward again.

Coincidentally, it makes the action feel really similar to the NES and C64 versions of the Alien 3 game, which if you check those out, I doubt was the intention.


That doesn’t shock me since he delivers an Edward Norton in Red Dragon caliber “I’m just here for the buffet” performance in the movie (and honestly I don’t blame him). :slight_smile:


this looks like it will satisfy my craving for something Turrican


Argh, that end boss. Bad memories.


every wayforward platformer i’ve tried has felt bad but i really like the ideas this game has… i might put it on my wishlist and wait for a sale.