Okay, Fine, Let's Talk About Logan Paul (And Dr DisRespect)


Thank you for the kind words good sir! I appreciate you! <3


It net negatively effected my father’s politics but come on, who can honestly say they wouldn’t turn down not realizing the Republicans have always been up to this shit because you spent the entire Reagan administration off the grid?


I was watching Dr. Disrespect when this all happened and it was such a bummer. I started watching Twitch maybe 6 months ago and it has really changed my work day. Historically I always watched waypoint / polygon type game content (still do of course) but with twitch I realized that there was something incredibly captivating watching people who are extremely good play. Between this and Ugandan knuckles it feels like every twitch personality I watched for their skill is someone I don’t want to engage with anymore. I think so much of what frustrates me is my personal shame that if I go back to high school I probably would have loved these guys and defended them…ugh

Another thing I get cynical about when these things pop up is that the way our culture clusters around celebrity is that some of these young fans who sit in the middle are radicalized. How many new subscribers are there to r/kotakuinaction because they are mad that the “SJWs” were criticizing their favorite streamer. What can be done to provide more figures for younger viewers who can be a positive influence? Edge lording is such an essential part of the white middle class high school experience sometimes it’s hard to feel optimistic that the main stream gaming culture will ever get better. I guess there wasn’t much hope for their viewers anyway but I want to believe.


The thing that keeps any sliver of optimism alive in me is the fact that I used to be one of those edgelords who hung out on 4chan too much and thought vile things were funny because of “irony,” and had a social circle comprised of people who were largely the same, and I eventually realized how shitty that was and learned some empathy and dragged some of those friends along with me, at least partially. Only some of those friends became hardcore alt-right people.

Some of those kids ending up at KiA will stay on that path and some of them will look back on that time of their life with incredible shame. I don’t know what makes the difference, and I’m not going to claim I’m a saint, but through 2014 to the current day I see a lot of people who either are currently me at 18 or people who were me at 18 and now are 30 and have walked an entirely different path through life.

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