Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game first trailer switch & PS4, July 24 by Sega

Loos pretty fun and much more like an arcade than a simulation. Since its made by sega. I wonder if the Sonic & Mario Olympic series is dead ? The game is out July 24th in Japan. 2020 in the rest of the world though.

Looks dangerously ambitious with so many events.

I’m surprised there isn’t a big and good indie Track and Field type game. Seems like a perfect fit for launching in early access, adding events over time, having leaderboards, online and local multiplayer. I think there is a big market for that stuff.

Mario & Sonic isn’t dead, they’re making a new one of those alongside this one. There’s a bit of gameplay in this trailer:

The Olympics being in Japan next year means Sega is going extra hard on making licensed games for it I guess. The not-Mario & Sonic one actually looks surprisingly good though. It reminds me of when Sega would make arcadey sports games.
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