On being good, and being good at it

After three years (almost to the day!), my tenure at VICE and Waypoint is ending. I have something exciting lined up that I’ll be able to share shortly, but for now, this is goodbye.

When I started here in October of 2016, the world was a different place. A radically different place, geopolitically, and in the weeks leading up to the 2016 election, we… well, we launched a video game website.

Austin had just contacted me asking if I knew anyone in the market for a Managing Editor job at the new site he was building (it didn’t even have a Bazinga-worthy name yet), and I just about leapt off my desk and screamed ME, HI HELLO.

Waypoint, especially in its early days, was the most ambitious, special, thoughtful, fun, and WILD experience of my working life to date. We did a 60-hour workweek then a 72-hour launch livestream marathon extravaganza, and that energy, that belief that we were making something special, something earnest, and political, and thoughtful, and angry, and funny, and honest—and above all, caring—was infectious. That energy carried me through long hours, through daily videos and podcasts and writing and editing. Through early turmoil at a company positioned in a volatile, toxic media industry.

I still believe in Waypoint, and what we tried to do. On our best days, I think we moved the needle so to speak, or made a dent in some people’s lives. Enough to matter.

Here are a couple of things I’m most proud of from our time together. This piece on Observer and Cyberpunk in 2017, which, even two years later, feels, if anything, not harsh enough. This profile on Ben Burbank, a game developer whose family has survived two mass shooting situations, who never fires guns in games. This utterly batshit stream, where Natalie, Danika, and later Austin, and I all built Labo and… were just in the best, goofiest mood. The video reviews I cut together. This short video on Prey, to my mind the finest immersive sim ever made.

And now, to a few personal notes:

To Patrick: thank you for all the Horror discussions, especially this one, and for your patience, kindness, and reporting tips.

To Cado, thank you for appreciating my awful jokes and for your incredible work on the podcast, producing and working through all kinds of glitches, mishaps and FIVE STAR runtimes. And for being my Mario Party teammate.

To Rob, thank you for bringing some of our Idle Weekend energy to the podcast, for your humor, for the many, many times I sought your advice and asked you for sanity checks, and for every single second of be good and rewatch it.

To the friends who made Waypoint what it is, and moved on: I’ll be an alumna soon too. Thank you Danika for your humor and voice, for being an old Rhode Island Auntie with me. Thank you Natalie for being the easiest hire I’ve ever helped to make, for rolling with every change we threw at you with incredible grace, poise, intelligence and a sense of fun. Thank you Joel for protecting us so well from so much turmoil, for helping us GET SHIT DONE, for allowing us to do our best work.

And thank you Austin, for making all of this happen. We made something incredible, and special, and I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity and the adventure. We went through a LOT here, and I’m very proud of what we made.

I’m beyond excited for you in your awesome new gig, and though I’ll miss working with you, I know this is the best possible path.

To everyone who watched, listened, read, etc. anything I made here during my time: thank you.

I’ll be able to share some more news about what’s next layer this week. But for now, goodbye, good luck, be good and be good at it!


Thank you Danielle for not just Being Good and Being Good At It but for spreading the mantra. Good luck in your new gig, excited to follow along with you!


I will miss you at Waypoint but I’m very excited to see what you’re doing next!!


Thank you so much for all your work with Waypoint, Danielle!

You, Austin, Patrick, Mike, Joel and Danika (any everyone else behind the scenes who’s names we don’t know) built something really special three years ago and I’m excited to see what other things your voice will make special in the future!


I’ll miss you on the site and the podcast, but I’m looking forward to the announcement of your new gig!


Danielle, you brought such an incredible energy to the site. You will absolutely be missed. Can’t wait to see what you have lined up next. Truly, you’re one of my favourite voices in games.


Thank you Danielle!! You will be missed at Waypoint! Can’t wait to see what’s next!



Your work has inspired and informed me for over half a decade now, and while I am quite bummed to hear you’re leaving, I couldn’t be more excited for you to pursue something new that excites and inspires you.

Thanks for your time and energy all of these years, and I’m so looking forward to your next thing!


Thank you for everything, Danielle! Super stoked about whatever comes next for you!


i was so excited when i saw that you were part of the team starting up waypoint three years ago, and it’s been amazing ever since. i’m so sad to see you go, but i know that whatever you’ve got up next, i’ll be excited to read, listen, or watch all of it.


Thank you for all your amazing work at Waypoint. The site launched right before I started transitioning and it made me feel like I still had a place in gaming.

I look forward to following your work at the new, undisclosed website.


Thank you so much Danielle for all you’ve done to help make Waypoint what it is. Admittedly, I only first discovered you through Waypoint, but I will definitely be following you as you continue on to your next adventure! Wishing you all the best!


Thanks so much for everything Danielle! Your hustle and humor made Waypoint what it is today! Looking forward to seeing what’s next for you.


Thanks for all your work behind the scenes over the years, for your invaluable perspective in articles and podcasts, and the humor and overall liveliness you brought to Waypoint!

Also, thanks for introducing me The Good Place and Event Horizon!


Keep on keeping on, Danielle! I’m really excited to see where you’re heading!


Thank you so much Danielle and we wish you all the best in your next steps! :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:

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Thank you, Danielle, for everything you’ve done! You’ve been a bright spot the past couple years (which I think I’ve said more than once when you’ve tweeted about struggles), since I found Waypoint in early 2017. But I’m looking forward to whatever’s next, and where you go, I’ll keep reading/listening/watching.

You’ll be missed on the pod and the site for sure, but I’m glad your voice will still be in the games circle. It’s a vital one.


Very glad to hear your staying in games media! Your voice is absolutely crucial and you’ve been a major influence on how I see the industry. Can’t wait to hear where you go next!


Good luck on your new path! I’m glad you will be able to write about your MMA and Jujitsu interests! Your martial arts tangents will be missed on the pod but I’ll be sure to follow you where ever you go!