One armed Samurai lady? Ninja President's Chief of Staff? Guilty Gear Rev 2 Demo!!/en-us/games/guilty-gear-xrd-rev-2-demo/cid=UP1024-CUSA07837_00-GGXRDREV2USPSPLS

It’s easier to go to that link and get it than find it on the crappy PS4 store interface. Only on PS4. The demo consists of Versus mode, training mode and the basic tutorial. Speaking of that tutorial it’s the best in the business, does a fantastic job of acclimating you to the controls and concepts without being under too much pressure. All characters are available, including the folks I mentioned in the title, One-armed Samurai Baiken and business ninja Answer. I’ve been playing with Baiken and she’s tremendously fun, Answer seems like he’s gonna have some really crazy high speed mixups.

Anybody else out there digging into this?