One of Final Fantasy XIV's Top Streamers Says She Might Have to Flee Ukraine

One of the biggest content creators for the critically acclaimed MMO Final Fantasy XIV warned her audience that she might have to leave her home if Ukraine comes under attack from Russia.

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Harrowing. The big so-called threat these past few years has always been China China China meanwhile Russia has been getting the kid glove treatment because of political expediency I guess? A lot of tut-tutting about literally invading Crimea but they can barely muster sanctions in response.

I don’t watch Zepla live often, if ever, but her youtube channel is a really good resource for players of all experience levels and she’s a great source of positivity in the community. Hope she stays safe.

Biden is failing and the hole media apparatus of the US helping to create support for the participation in a war is nothing new. Vice doing it, absolutely expected. Waipoint … disappointing.