One Player Is Holding a 12-Year Video Game Secret Hostage

Two people have entered a locked door in 'Tibia,' a mystery that's haunted the game since 2005, but they've remained silent.

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@patrick.klepek obviously the two users have been unplugged from the matrix

Deep cuts game secrets and the search for them are so fascinating to me. This reminds me of this excellent article from Eurogamer about the search for Shadow of the Colossus’s last big secret.

I was super fascinated by the first story and this one was also very good. Sounds like those players are being very…opportunistic…I guess it’s their right to do whatever they want with the information, but begging for donations seems a bit low. This whole arc has a Lost problem, part of me wants someone to reveal the mystery, but the story is probably more interesting than the answer.

We’re rapidly approaching the point (potentially even past the point) where the actual reveal isn’t going to be nearly as interesting as the buildup to the reveal. Still, I hate not knowing stuff like this, so I hope someone actually shows off what’s past there.

Though, personally, I’m more interested in Kharsek and why he’s not talking, especially since they’re still playing. Do they not want to spoil the surprise? Keep the mystery going a little longer? Is that just the kind of person they are? I’m very curious. I’m curious about a lot of things regarding this story, actually.

I maintain that this is like being told someone has a surprise for your birthday but won’t tell you what it is.

I first heard about Tibia when Kharsek hit 999 and was mildly interested, but I really have no skin in the game. The donation begging is fairly pathetic, any way you slice it.

Jeez, that is pretty low of em. Not surprised they aren’t well liked in the community.

Hopefully he doesn’t get that money and someone else instead beats him to it.

There is absolutely no way that this “secret” is worth any money at all, unless it’s like… a whole new game or something buckwild like that

I am like 99% sure that this is some Al Copone’s Vault shit is that the big reveal is that the room contains a letter that says “Thanks For Playing!”

Often times the mystery is far more interesting than the reveal.