One Player's 21,000 Hole Quest to Beat the Seemingly Endless 'Desert Golf'

This week, Luke Yagnow joined an elite club, becoming the second (known) person to beat Desert Golfing, a game not meant to be beaten. After four years of patience, somewhere between 300 and 400 hours of persistence, and help from the designer of the game, Yagnow has finally achieved his goal. There’s no more Desert Golfing to play.

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What a perfect way to end that game! I think I bounced off finally around hole 2000 but it’s great to know this story

Man, this is really cool. I’ve been playing Desert Golfing for about a year and I’m only on hole 1600, so I’m not nearly as obsessed, but I definitely dig playing it in short bursts. Looking forward to making it to the ocean in 3 years :smiley:

This developer has some other fun games as well. Freeways is one of my favorite games of last year.

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I should get back to that game, I’m only about six thousand holes in.

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Hey, this article is about me! Also, Desert Golfing is the best.