One thing that Assassin's Creed Odyssey Does That I Don't Really Hear People Talking About

After the intro, you unlock the ability to do non-lethal takedowns and “recruit” enemies. First, I wish they would have let me do non-lethal takedowns the whole time. Second, THIS IS AMAZING TO ME. I was always a little uncomfortable with my only option for dealing with all the random foes was killing them or running away. And since, for completing a lot of locations, you need to “kill” the captain or other high-ranking enemies, I would be a little upset if I had to do that to Athens since they are definitely the lesser of two evils in the Peloponnesian War (no, I didn’t know how to spell that, I looked it up and copy-pasted that word, lol). But not only that, coming across huntress camps where they’re just minding their own business and I can’t complete the objective without killing their leader? No, I wouldn’t want to do that.

But giving me the option to knock them out using my fists and “recruiting” them counts as killing them? I appreciate that.

Though, once again, Ubisoft (in its crusade against dogs) won’t let me knock out dogs? You can literally knock out any other animal that tries to fight you (I think with the exception of chickens, snakes, and sharks) but some camps or locations are guarded by regular dogs and not wolves and you can’t knock out puppers. Why?

I’m not sure how intentional it was to make “recruiting” count as “killing” but I am appreciative of it. Are there any other games with mechanics you feel weren’t meant to be used in a certain way but ended up being part of your fun?


It really would’ve helped if instead of saying “Kill the Captain” etc. they just said “Defeat the Captain.” Then it’s up to the player to decide to kill/knockout the person.

And yeah, I get that it’s ASSASSIN’S Creed, but in my opinion Odyssey feels different enough from the other games in the series that they really could’ve tweaked this game into being a new franchise (the same way the first game started development as a new Prince of Persia.)

I do wish it wasn’t so easy to accidentally kill someone who is just about to be knocked out or is already downed just waiting for you. And I hear you about the dogs, especially since there are bounty hunters that have dogs as companions. It seems weird that the player can kill their companions but they’ll still join you after the fight.

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