One Thread Only: "One Song Only" Podcast Discussion


Heard 'Em Say vs I Wonder
This one’s actually tough, not because it’s two great songs but because it’s two perfectly decent if unremarkable songs. I think I go with I Wonder though, I like the slower flow to it and it sticks out more clearly in my mind. Although credit to Heard 'em Say for having Adam Levine on it and not being bad. EDIT: so after listening to both songs again, I really really like Heard 'em Say. The production is so delicate and nice but still substantial, and Kanye’s verses are pretty good. I Wonder is also clunkier than I remembered it being. Switching to Heard 'Em Say.

Gorgeous vs. Homecoming
Homecoming isn’t terrible but Gorgeous is really good. It does run the risk of feeling repetitive, but just when it starts to wear on me Raekwon comes in and saves the day.

Family Business vs. Bound 2
Somehow the only Yeezus song to crack the second round. Family Business has a good vibe to it but being removed from it I have no recollection of it. Bound 2 is not very lyrically strong but the production is great. Me and my coworkers used to blast it in the back at the end of our shifts at a shitty restaurant we worked at, which were some good times, so I guess it’s also got some sentimental value to me.

Paris vs. Late
I don’t really care about the fact it’s overplayed, Paris is an incredible song. It’s like the best incarnation of boastful, decadent Kanye. The production is incredible, so is the outro, and Jay is here to top it off. I don’t remember a single thing about Late.


I think it says something about the form Kanye is in on Gorgeous that Raekwon has a verse on it and it still feels kinda like an afterthought after Kanye’s done.


honestly half the time I skip forward after Kanye’s verses.


I’ve been listening to the bracket for weeks and I… think my favorite Kanye verses are the ones on “Last Call” honest to god? I just deeply enjoy them, they’re a delight every time.


Next Week:
Heard 'Em Say vs I Wonder
I’m going to defend I Wonder here - I think both these songs are too one note to really stand up to the bracket, but when I first heard I Wonder I assumed it was a medium track off 808s. That’s actually praise for a Graduation track - it displays a level of production and restraint I really enjoy, and I find myself singing along to the hook.

Gorgeous vs Homecoming
No super strong feelings here, so this is almost an album pick for me - I think Gorgeous is just the more refined song. I like both though.

Family Business vs Bound 2
Everything about Bound 2 is really good, the sample is fun, the different parts actually come together on this one. Family Business is fine, but Bound 2 is special imo.

N***s in Paris vs Late
Finally some accurate seeding - Paris is the much stronger song and I’m happy to advance it.

edit: looking forward to Round 2 and this whole thing is gonna get so much harder :grimacing:


been listening to these as matchups and on the playlist shuffle. this is a good batch of songs!

heard em say vs i wonder
heard em say has some of my favorite kanye late registration verses…and, therefore, just some of my favorite kanye verses. it’s him at the peak of being able to use phonics as sonics, it just Sounds Good. this is also the first and maybe best use of adam levine. i wonder is one of the songs that led to me underrating graduation for years: the beat grows to maximalism, but without the energy i want from it. i like it better than i thought, but it’s losing to a better song.

gorgeous vs homecoming
homecoming is corrrrrny. i’ve always found it corny. but it sounds better than i remembered. i have enjoyed returning to it. gorgeous, though? sonically, i’m actually not crazy about it other than the beat dropping out for rae. but, lyrically, there’s a strong case that these are kanye’s best written verses ever. i’ve heard that case made many times. they’re fucking…good.

family business vs bound 2
it’s not as corny as homecoming, but i still find family business a little corny. i blame the “rain rain go away” sequence. roses, hey mama, and champion take this concept to the next level. bound 2 is the ultimate inversion of this concept: i’d have advanced all the yeezus songs so far, but this one is just genius. it’s so funny, it’s so abrasive, it’s such a good extension of the “he gives us what we need, it may not be what we want” sample from on sight. fantastic track. charlie wilson sounds beautiful.

paris vs late
i actually came in expecting to pick late. the good parts of paris have nothing to do with kanye: beat by hit-boy and jay-z’s killer verse. but i think tyler the creator’s twitter just convinced me late was a better song than it is; the verses have a few good quotes, but this is no last call, no gone. i love the beat and hook. paris is a song i listened to approximately three hundred times before, uh, i started hearing other white people rapping the slurs at parties and put it away until now. going back, i’m always surprised it isn’t at a faster tempo. also, i love that the watch the throne tour shows ended with paris like seven times in a row.


also, in case y’all are recording your next episode soon, PLEASE consider the live grammy performance of hey mama from 2008 as well. this performance is the thing that takes hey mama to kanye’s top shelf for me.


For those wondering it looks like we’ll have to wait a few more days for Mary.


honestly, after that FatT finale set of recording sessions? I don’t blame them


It’s probably exhausting for Mary too, considering that all she wants to do is hang out in the club but instead she keeps getting surrounded by wolves.


Hey folks,

If any of you have Tidal, I took the time to make a One Song Only playlist over there! You can find it here!

Since it’s Tidal, this playlist includes all of the Watch the Throne stuff. I also topped off the playlist with Mello’s awesome theme!


The only one I’m really feeling down on is Paris losing. That outro is so strong.

Round 2 is looking incredibly exciting, Donda in particular has some incredibly fun matchups!


New episode is out. Here’s the new set of upcoming matchups:


Can’t Tell Me Nothing vs Never Let Me Down

Hey Mama vs Devil in a New Dress

Crack Music vs Flashing Lights

Love Lockdown vs Through the Wire



Can’t Tell Me Nothing vs Never Let Me Down
It’s a very good song. The only negative for me is that people have been talking about lyrics that brought about “2018 Kanye” and the hook definitely makes me think of that now. What’s that, he shouldn’t hole up in his mansion spouting out-of-touch garbage and peddling racist conspiracy theories? Well, he’s gotten his money right, so now you can’t tell him nothing, right?

Hey Mama vs Devil in a New Dress
This is a really tough one, but I like Hey Mama on an emotional level whereas I just think Devil in a New Dress is a good song, so the personal pick goes to Hey Mama for me.

Crack Music vs Flashing Lights
I’m expecting to disagree with the hosts on this, since Crack Music has a good “message” whereas I suspect the Flashing Lights conversation might feature the words I’ve been starting to dread on my favourite songs, “just a good bop”.

Love Lockdown vs Through the Wire
Through the Wire is a good song but I just really like the style of the music in 808s.


Excuse me, just have to let this out: AAAAAAAAAAH I’M SO HAPPY LATE WON. LATE FOREVER. I might complain about Yeezus/Pablo but you’ll never catch me complaining about Late Reg especially when LATE WINS!


I’m pretty shocked Late won. Not like, angry or sad, though, cause it is pretty good.
Next ep:
Can’t Tell Me Nothing vs. Never Let Me Down
I really expected Can’t Tell Me Nothing to sweep this, but Never Let Me Down is just fun to listen to. Can’t Tell Me Nothing is too, don’t get me wrong. But I like Dropouts vibe more than Graduation anyway, and this pairing is pretty much the same.

Hey Mama vs. Devil In a New Dress
Ok, I came in knowing I was gonna vote for Devil blindly because I love that beat. It might be my favorite song on the bracket? I really believe it’s that good. What I didn’t know was how much more I’d enjoy Hey Mama now that I’m much more familiar with Kanye. I still think it’s corny and a little too loosely constructed, but I do believe what he’s saying - even if our current day Kanye isn’t like this, I believe Late Registration Kanye is. I don’t think everyone else shares my Fantasy standom, so I’ll be interested to see what other people think.

Crack Music vs. Flashing Lights
So, I think Crack Music is more than its message. There’s really good sounds going on, especially at the end. “And now we ooze it from our nooks and crannies / So our mommas ain’t got to be their cooks and nannies” and the hook really do overwhelm the fact that the verses are so pointed that they’re painful at times. Flashing Lights is another great song, but when asked to remember it I draw a bit of a blank, a problem I have never had with Crack Music - it made an unforgettable first impression and manages to be interesting to revisit.

Love Lockdown vs. Through the Wire
I think this would be closer if I wasn’t advancing Never Let Me Down. As it is, I think Love Lockdown is one of the stronger 808s songs on the bracket, and its certainly unique. Through the Wire is a great song, but its a lot of the same trick from College Dropout and I think its less important to let a fine and reliable song win than something special like Love Lockdown. This is a matchup where if I was picking on a different day I might have an opposite choice.


So in my predictions for this current episode i said I had to go back to Late because I couldn’t remember what it sounded like…when the episode came out I had to do it again, because I forgot again. I’m not terribly upset Paris lost, but Late is extremely forgettable to me. Was surprised to hear that they thought it would go deep after winning this one. I get the LR love from the crew but this isn’t a standout track from that album to me.

Anyway, for next week:

Can’t Tell Me Nothing vs. Never Let Me Down

The 2nd round is weird because we have had a round of arguments for round 1 and it’ll be interesting to see what new arguments people come up with in these matchups. Anyway, Can’t Tell Me Nothing is ok to me, but not anything I’d really go back for. Never Let Me Down, pretty easily. Good Jay-Z verse, good Kanye verse, I do like the J-Ivy verse as well though I know some don’t.

Hey Mama vs Devil in a New Dress

I think I said before that Hey Mama would make top 4 for me pretty easily, and I stand by that. If the song itself weren’t good enough, Kanye’s emotional live performances of the song take it to a whole new level. I’ve said I like genuine, non-posturing Kanye the most, and this song is like, the perfect example of that.

Crack Music vs. Flashing Lights

A weird matchup for me because I would have neither song advancing past the last round. Went Crack Music for the message. Honestly might just be my personal preference for LR over Graduation. I’d have taken New Slaves over either of these songs, pretty easily.

Love Lockdown vs. Through the Wire

First really hard matchup for me this round. I love both songs, and both are executed upon really well. Through the Wire gets the nod from me because I like the beat better, and combines genuine and hungry Kanye.


Man my app Podcast Addict hasn’t updated the RSS feed for this podcast in two months?


I finally did my own version of the bracket to celebrate the end of round 1.

Toughest choices were Runaway vs Blood on the Leaves (two Elite Eight level songs ruthlessly matched in the first round), Stronger vs Black Skinheads (which song I listened to way too much when I was getting into Kanye I ended up actually liking more?) and Slow Jamz vs No More Parties in LA (which sort of alright song is going to get murdered by Gotta Have It in the new round?). Ask me about all those three in 30 minutes and I might have a different answer. Anyhow, for the podcast’s matchups:

Can’t Tell Me Nothing vs Never Let Me Down
The three songs in this region I could see giving this song a really tough time are ALL already out (Last Call, Real Friends, New Slaves), so watch out North West region because Never Let Me Down is coming for your soul. Great hook, every verse feels like it has a great place in the song, and just a bunch of great tiny moments. Can’t Tell Me Nothing is a ton of fun, but doesn’t get there.

Hey Mama vs Devil in a New Dress
These two are pretty evenly matched in my book, but I guess Hey Mama hits higher highs (“Mommy I’mma love you 'til you don’t hurt no more” is a highlight of Kanye’s career). Shoutouts to the end of the Rick Ross verse, there’s something I really like about the song ending with “retracing my steps”

Crack Music vs. Flashing Lights
These two getting through the second round were some of my biggest disagreements with the podcast so far, so it’s not a fight I’m too invested in. I dig Graduation, but a bunch of the songs there feel sort of interchangable, and that’s one thing that really can’t be said about Crack Music.

Love Lockdown vs. Through the Wire
Both hooks are really good, but I give the edge to Love Lockdown, and I’m not too into either verse in Through the Wire so it doesn’t gain back too much ground in that spot. Also I’d be lowkey trying to dodge a College Dropout fight at the top of the bracket because that seems sort of boring, and this is my best shot at it.


Just want to highlight this very good tweet:

Also, did they mention anything about a delay at some point? I don’t remember if it came up on the latest episode, but figured I’d ask since when I checked this thread I realized it’s been three weeks since the last episode.