One Thread Only: "One Song Only" Podcast Discussion


I don’t know if it was officially pointed to as the reason, but I think they’re focusing on Friends at the Table until the season finale is over.


New episode is out!


my picks probably would have gone:
can’t tell me nothing over never let me down. nowhere near my two strongest songs here, and can’t tell me nothing has some supremely iconic lines.

hey mama over devil in a new dress. i probably would have swapped these coming into the tournament, but the Grammy’s performance of hey mama with the “last night i saw you in my dreams” refrain pushes it over the edge for me. still convinced one of the eight songs pusha t wrote for on this album is devil in a new dress and that ross’s verse is pusha written. “cherry red chariot excess is just my character” is a perfect pusha t line.

flashing lights over crack music. not gonna challenge that crack music is the kanye we miss, and the “i hate these n****s more than a nazi” line is ROUGH in 2018, but flashing lights is my favorite song of the late 2000s roc nation sound shared by Ye, Jay, and Rih. can’t tell me nothing and good life are great representatives too, though.

love lockdown over through the wire. but also it’s a toss-up. both of these are basically perfect songs. i honestly prefer the love lockdown/dark fantasy kanye to the through the wire/late registration kanye for the kind of art he’s making just because the throwaway/bad lyrics are part of the character of the good ones and not as often in direct opposition. but through the wire is an insane thing to have exist and i’m glad it does.

so 1/4 for me. ah well.


New bracket:


All Falls Down vs Monster

Drive Slow vs Runaway

Roses vs Good Life

Get Em High vs All of the Lights


Those first two are genuinely brutal. It doesn’t help that they are against conceptually entirely different songs.


For next ep:

All Falls Down vs Monster
Well this is a brutal matchup. While I love love LOVE Monster, especially Nicki’s verse, I think All Falls Down is a way more even song. It’s legitimately funny whereas Monster is being extra in a lot of unpleasant ways on top of being great.

Drive Slow vs Runaway
Drive Slow is just such a good song. It’s got some really juicy vibes. Runaway, on the other hand, is beautiful. Every time it starts I’m like “oh this song” and then it gets into it and I get into it. I am actually a fan of long songs, and I think Runaway does a great job of structuring itself. But against Drive Slow, that length kind of becomes a weakness. It’s hard to encapsulate Runaway and that means the takeaway is more muddled. Drive Slow is a song that creates a mood, whereas Runaway is a song that accepts one. Both of those things are valuable, but I know which I need more.

Roses vs Good Life
These are both good songs, but Good Life is Graduation at a high point, and Roses sounds like Kanye trying to be someone else? That’s a bit harsh, but ultimately Roses does lose for me.

Get Em High vs All of the Lights
I have never been a fan of Get Em High, but All of the Lights is really a standout Kanye song, iconic. The sheer number of voices present on the track is impressive, but all in all I like the song because it’s easy to listen to.


All Falls Down vs Monster

I like Monster but at some point I’m going to have to penalize it for the parts that weren’t good. All Falls Down feels more consistent in quality to me.

Drive Slow vs Runaway

A fantastic song. Definitely one that would make it onto my Kanye Top 10.

Roses vs Good Life

Roses is definitely meaningful, but as a song I’ve gone back to Good Life a lot more. I realize that Good Life got a lot of radio play which is essentially the equivalent of a death sentence on this podcast (don’t think there’s been a single discussion yet for a popular song which didn’t lead to the phrase “important for Kanye’s career but”), but I hope it can at least have a nice eulogy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Get Em High vs All of the Lights

For me, All of the Lights is a contender for the championship here. It won this quarter of the bracket for me anyway. It’s a showcase of audio production excess in a good way.


Next set of songs:

Murder to Excellence vs Street Lights

We Major vs Stronger

Gotta Have It vs No More Parties in LA

Good Morning vs Power


Wow. Donda bracket was tough.

Austin’s argument for Drive Slow was very good and I made the mistake of starting to root for it over Runaway.


typing t in the chat

T-Pain’s Royals is a response to Lorde’s about how coming from an underprivileged experience of course you would celebrate what you have now at the top and it’s joyful and the best


It’s funny cause I’d have The Glory make it through this round too

The further we go along the less I have to say, partially because I posted through most of the first round as well, but also because more and more I’m running into “well I wouldn’t have put this song through the first round so it’s definitely not winning the second”

Murder to Excellence vs Street Lights
I wouldn’t have voted for Street Lights, I forgot it existed until this podcast. Not much more to say. Still love Murder to Excellence’s beats.

We Major vs Stronger
I might have picked 30 hours over We Major. It’s fine but not one of my favorites off that album. Stronger is Pop Kanye at his best.

Gotta Have It vs No More Parties in LA
I think I’m a bigger WTT fan than I realized, if I didn’t think about it that hard I definitely would have went for No More Parties, but the more I think about the content of its verses the less I feel strongly about it.

Good Morning vs Power
A couple of weeks ago I might have gone the other way. When I think about Power it’s a good song, but maybe I’m suffering from fatigue due to how overplayed it was. I go back to Graduation to listen to Good Morning specifically all the time (and the Glory, which I completely disagree with Ali about, the beat is great). It gets the nod from me.


this joke won’t make sense unless you listen to the latest episode but


also shoutouts to waypoint forum user @discoshark

also Drive Slow was the victim of a heist


i remember the day in the kanye shitposting group on facebook when monster went over all falls down

i was relieved that the one song crew did not make the same mistake


“Oh my God, that’s Drive Slow’s music!”

I love this podcast so much. Some days I like it better than FatT or Waypoint Radio, which is wild to even type but 100% true. I’m not even the biggest Kanye fan, it just rules.


Next round:

Murder to Excellence vs Street Lights
This is hard because I do think Murder to Excellence is a better song than Street Lights. But I like it less. The sample gets old at the end of 5 minutes, surprisingly. Street Lights, however, really evokes my 808s nostalgia and lets me be sad, which I appreciate.

We Major vs. Stronger
I like the Daft Punk sample, and I think We Major is too repetitive, but Stronger is a much weaker song than I remember. We Major makes me want to listen to a better Kanye song, and Stronger makes me want to listen to Discovery.

Gotta Have it vs. No More Parties in LA
Wow the chop on that James Brown sample is so powerful. And Kanye and Jay-Z have such a solid back and forth. I really really wish Watch the Throne was on Spotify so I could put this on a playlist with 2 other songs and repeat it for an hour.
I also appreciate how much No More Parties has going on. It’s a fine song, but it feels both directionless and misogynistic which is just less fun to listen to. If I wasn’t coming down with a cold I’d probably be more generous since I do like Kendrick on this track, and think the sample is doing something unique.

Good Morning vs. Power
Well, Power is an anthem so jot that down. I don’t have anything bad to say about Good Morning, but Power is a contender for finalist for me (Basic? yes. Correct? Maybe.)

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Murder to Excellence vs Street Lights

Street Lights is definitely a mood.

We Major vs Harder Better Faster Stronger

Stronger won the whole competition for me, but I guess that has a lot to do with how big a fan of Daft Punk I am. This version of Harder Better Faster Stronger is one of my most-listened songs of all time:

Whether that version or Kanye’s version of Stronger is the best remix of the song I’m not sure, but I’ve listened a lot to both of them.

Gotta Have It vs No More Parties in LA

As much as I like parts of Pablo, No More Parties isn’t one of my favourites. I do empathise with the premise of it though.

Good Morning vs Power

Power is iconic. It’s already been covered why by several people last round, but I’ll add that there’s a music video for it that’s the most Illuminati-looking thing I’ve ever seen.


I’d just like to say I know Kanye has been a miserable subject the entire Yandhi rollout and I hope the show continues even if you decide to abandon ship. If you don’t have the energy or time to write up a whole bracket yourselves, I’d recommend Rembert Browne’s classic OutKast bracket.


Did I miss any news that came out about them not continuing this show? I mean, I get it with how Kanye has been acting, but I’m tryna figure out what’s going on.


Nope, there hasn’t been any news about it being discontinued.

My best guess is that the team is just busy. Austin mentioned a few times on Waypoint Radio that he went to a tabletop event in Canada with the rest of Friends at the Table crew, so that had his focus for a while. Not to mention to the time and energy commitment involved in the recent 72-hour livestream, plus the prep for the Red Dead 101s.


Kingdom Hearts Lore Reasons is ending and All Systems Goku is on indefinite hiatus so I can only hope for this to make a comeback :pray: