One Thread Only: "One Song Only" Podcast Discussion


Runaway and Blood on the Leaves are two of my, like, top 5 or 10 kanye songs, that they’re up against eachother in the first round is bad. All the Yeezus and TLOP songs are way underseeded generally in this thing.

(also speaking of Lost in the World/Who Will Survive in America, how is almost every other song from MBDTF on this except that, one of the absolute best on the album?)


Gotta go with Crack music because, I mean, it’s got Nas as a feature. And new slaves doesn’t.

edit: lol, so I mixed up Crack Music with We Major. Oops.


Yeah, Real Friends is one of my favorite Kanye songs so I was bummed it didn’t get any votes. Absolutely agree about Pablo and Yeezus being under seeded as well, it makes me hope they actually do a losers bracket or something like that.

Despite my grumbles it’s been a ton of fun so far. I particularly like getting the context around the various songs and periods of Kanye because while I’ve been super in to Kanye for a long time I never really paid all that much attention to a lot of the stuff that gets referenced in his songs.

Also new music is coming!!!


“new slaves” is one of my absolute favorite kanye songs. the first time i heard it i kept expecting a beat to come in, and as the vocal delivery got more and more intense, the more uncomfortable (in a good way) the lack of percussion became. it totally blew me away. also i personally love how the outro completely sidesteps the catharsis the rest of the song makes you desperate for. shit is brilliant. “crack music” is a solid song but doesn’t come close imo.

i haven’t gone through the whole bracket yet, but this was the one i had the strongest feelings about that they’ve done on the podcast so far


Same. Besides the seeding for Kanye’s recent catalog, there are also some huge omissions from the original 64 contenders.

I would’ve preferred to see songs like Mercy, Only One, FourFiveSeconds, Wolves, Make It Better, and Facts make the cut over We Major, Drive Slow, Get Em High, Champion, The New Workout Plan, and Celebration. They’re much stronger competition in my mind, but hey it’s all subjective.


Mercy should ABSOLUTELY be included. I remember I was still living in Los Angeles when that dropped, and the entire summer approximately 1/3 of the cars in the metropolitan area were blasting that at any given time. Such a massive jam!

@MarkB it’s a blessing we’re getting new music. When the news dropped a friend texted me and said “I seriously feel like a cosmic need for new music from Kanye” and he is 100% right.


Yeah looks like we’ll need a new bracket by the time this one is done, a lot of announcements coming from Kanye this week (as well as about 30 “inspirational tweets” a day)


Here’s to hoping that the release of whatever music he has planned goes smoother than TLOP.

I still have a bad taste in my mouth from my experience with the hoops and restrictions when buying TLOP through Tidal. They only let you download each song you purchase twice, but by the time he added Saint Pablo and stopped tweaking the other songs, I had already reached my limit.


Hadn’t seen this thread earlier, so I’ll put up the places I disagreed with the podcast so far.

Last Call vs Hey Mama - Extremely close matchup for me, as it was for the trio, but I give the edge for Last Call for that insanely catchy “Here’s to the Roc” and the way he makes that 8 minutes story feel like a ton of fun to listen to. Totally get Hey Mama going forward though.

Devil in a New Dress vs Real Friends - No shade onto Devil in a New Dress, it’s a wonderful song, but Real Friends feels like exactly the kind of thing I want to see Kanye making, incredibly honest but perhaps not fully-self aware. The way he talks so much about how he’s a shitty friend yet gets choked up when people are shitty to him is sad in such a precise goddamn way.

Crack Music vs New Slaves - Basically what @Navster said way up top: it’s hard to be optimist at this point in time, and, that homophobic joke aside, I love how New Slaves is just wall-to-wall anger and frustration. It was one of the songs that got me into Kanye, and it’s probably going to the division finals for me.

Flashing Lights vs Famous - Between the Rihanna hook and the Sister Nancy sample, you could honestly argue this song has both of the catchiest, best sounding moments of the entire bracket so far, AND it has the incredible Kim K lore? Flashing Lights is a good song but there’s a whole lot from Graduation I feel more strongly about. This one felt surprisingly easy for me.

On another subject, are there many songs you feel frustrated didn’t make it in the bracket? Welcome to Heartbreak is probably my favorite 808s song and Lost in the World might be the best one in MBDTF: absolutely wild to me they, especially Lost in the World, are nowhere to be seen.

EDIT: wow did I choose a bad time to post this. That’s what I get for not checking Twitter.


At this point we could probably make a competitive bracket by selecting Kanye’s 64 worst tweets to fight it out.

I mean it’s nothing we didn’t already know about Kanye last year, but he’s sure making it hard to ignore when he posts like 8 consecutive videos with the Dilbert guy.


I think this has to be it. The tweets…the tweets just don’t stop.


Yeah, at this point it’s pretty tough to ignore Kanye’s political views and still enjoy his music. It’s definitely making me less interested in the discussion around Kanye Madness and whatever he’s releasing in June.


Whenever Kanye is back on his bullshit (and this time he seems supercharged) my brain just plays the lyrics of his that I love that completely fail to line up with how he is now. Like the same dude who has lyrics like:

“You know the best medicine go to people that’s paid
If Magic Johnson got a cure for AIDS
And all the broke motherfuckers passed away
You telling me if my grandma’s in the NBA
Right now she’d be okay?”

is the same dude firing off all these MAGA tweets and amplifying the ideology that leads to that kind of inequality that especially affects POC.

And his constant ‘I’m not in the sunken place’ tweets are extremely the Dril ‘I’m not owned’ tweet.


Hey y’all just wanted to apologize for asking that monkey’s paw for a new Kanye album.


maybe this is egocentric, but through this, i keep thinking about who i was at 18 years old, when i was at my peak Kanye fan.

i was a stuck-up, self-loathing jerk, and i loved Kanye. not just the music, i bought into the whole shtick. and like, i’ve grown up since then, but i can’t help wondering. if he had been going on about this shit back in 2015… that totally could have ended with me going down a pretty terrible rabbit hole. how many stuck-up, self-loathing 18 year old kanye fans are gonna get redpilled through this?


It doesn’t make me less interested in the Kanye Madness discussion per se, but it does dampen any hype for new music and tarnish his older work. (Not that he wasn’t an outspoken jerk back in the day too.)

I’m really interested to see if they bring up in the podcast how Kanye so perfectly epitomizes the concept of problematic faves. I go in such big cycles with him because at times it seems like he’s intentionally trying to make himself utterly unlikable.

Talking shit to because he’s uninformed but also because he likes the attention. Just like the N****s in Paris sample: “I don’t even know what that means! No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative…It gets the people going.”


I get where you’re coming from, but at this point Kanye has been mentally filed away as an artist who was at one time important to me but one that I’ve moved passed. Either he’s gone genuinely right-wing, which is bad, or he’s trolling in a manner that dismisses the vulnerable people that conservatives endanger. Either way, I refuse to take part in the outrage cycle that gives right wingers a platform. At this point he could drop another Dark Fantasy, but I’m just not interested. Later Yeezy, it’s been a ride.


I get that. It’s hard to justify putting up with him for the music when there are plenty of other rappers who are genuinely good people — or at the very least not dismissive of those who are routinely marginalized and oppressed.

EDIT: @Lassemomme Damn, I didn’t know he wore a MAGA hat. I keep myself on a Twitter and Kanye news blackout, so that escaped me along with other recent tweets. That does complicate things, even if only done to provoke rather than out if sympathy with racist political policies.

I said goodbye to Kanye when he went to Trump Tower after the election. I thought he had learned or grown a bit since then, but I guess not.


There’s a part of me that feels like the outrage and drama has always been a part of the Kanye experience and it has become so synomynous with him as an artist that I don’t think even Kanye knows how to escape it anymore.

Like, I don’t think even Kanye ever expected to become as huge as he has gotten. He was always bragadocious and larger than life, but it’s much easier to play that part when you aren’t actually larger than life. He has gotten so impossibly big and the noise around him is so all encompassing that it just feels like he doesn’t even really have a choice but to play into it.

Like, Kanye has always seemed to be most comfortable to me like an underdog, when he was abbrasively proclaiming to be the king of rap and people looked at him sideways for his antics. He was a malcontent, the partially misunderstood and troubled genius. The moment you actually hand him the crown it just feels like there’s something missing.

When I see Kanye with a MAGA hat I don’t think he’s actually genuinely supporting of Trump, but I do think that he is so caught up in being Kanye and feels he is so beholden to the madness and the noise that comes with the territory that putting on a MAGA hat is the only way he can keep up with it.


Yeah like I said earlier, it’s nothing new from him (his endorsement of Trump was in 2016) and he’s said worse individual things (thinking of such classics as his 2016 tweet “BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!”), but it’s just such an intense barrage of his absolute worst trait all at once. I wouldn’t blame anyone who decided they didn’t need that in their life.

As far as his next album I’m willing to wait and see what his actual music says for now, because it still so far seems like Kanye’s empathy with Trump is not much to do with actual policy which he’s barely brought up at all (it’s mostly just been endlessly reworded versions of “you can’t stop me from being an individual, a FREE THINKER, I’m out of society’s cage”). Instead, Kanye mostly seems to empathize with Trump because personality-wise the parallels between the two of them should be obvious to anyone.

Both of them think that they’re treated unfairly because of what Kanye/Trump would probably call “being someone without a political correctness filter who tells it like it is” but what we’d probably call “loudly repeating whatever uninformed bad take you just heard with no regard for fact-checking and then getting defensive when someone calls you out on it”.

If the new album comes out and I see Kanye’s lyrics trending to the alt-right or something I’ll nope out of there as quickly as anyone here, but for the moment I still don’t think that’s the most likely scenario. My bet for now is that he’s just on a super obnoxious “free speech means treating poorly thought out bad takes with respect so you should respect people like Trump for being brave” kick right now, because that’s not really out of line with his usual personality.