One Thread Only: "One Song Only" Podcast Discussion


Fair. I feel LL is so different because he started off as the most credible rapper around and folded the softness into his records little by little (which, now that I think about it, may have been inspired by heavy metal acts of the time), but I see where you’re coming from.

As an aside, this made me go down a LL Cool J nostalgia trip and I’d never seen the video for I’m Bad but the first 25 seconds have an amazing arcade game set-up.


Oof, how could i forget to put 808s in there? Probably slots in between LR and WTT for me, I love 808s aside from the features, which I’ve always found to be kind of a head-scratcher.


I’m honestly a bit nervous to listen to this record and this isn’t helping


It’s only on the clean version, funnily enough. I think Kim tweeted about making him take a lyric off the day of the party? This was probably it and it didn’t get clipped from the clean edit, heh. But yeah, whoof.


The idea of anyone being too “soft” to rap made me groan pretty hard and it’s definitely becoming some material in my next album. Especially since Drake’s real problem is that he’s so often such a creep to women. The gatekeeping around being “hard” is something that kept me away from rapping for the longest time, and it shouldn’t have.


I finally got around to listening to Streetlights, and yeah, that song is a fuckin clinical depression anthem


Drake is the rap version of the ‘softboy’ aesthetic.


Gold Digger vs Gotta Have It

Gold Digger is just musically very strong. Thematically it’s more complicated but for me the level of the production carries it to a win.

Slow Jamz vs No More Parties in LA

I’ll give Slow Jamz its vote as a good song but puzzled as to why it’s here. If we’re adding songs listed as “feat. Kanye West” I would have liked to see Run This Town.

Say You Will vs Good Morning

I originally voted for Good Morning in my bracket but since this podcast started I’ve continued to listen to 808s more and more and am becoming increasingly convinced that it’s Kanye’s best album and that this bracket should also include Welcome to Heartbreak and Bad News.

Power vs Father Stretch My Hands Part 1

Power is so good at what it does and so prominent that I’d probably say that its #2 seed isn’t seeding it high enough. I’ve seen it as a winner in a lot of people’s brackets and wouldn’t be surprised to see it as one here too.


I do love that you do these, Cody, thank you!

My off-the-cuff for this is:

  • Gold Digger vs Gotta Have It
    • I honestly don’t have an opinion on this at all – I don’t like Gold Digger & Gotta Have It is hard to find in a good quality online.
  • Slow Jamz vs No More Parties in LA
    • This is a combination of this having to be my TLOP pity pass through & that it just lands a little harder for me as a song I remember more strongly when reading down this list.
  • Say You Will vs Good Morning
    • This is a little similar to the above, but it’s close for me. I like Graduation more than most people (because I’m still new to Kanye and it’s such an accessible album on its own terms) and Good Morning is a very strong start to the album. The first verse has that euphonic quality that Walker has brought up before for me.
  • Power vs Father Stretch My Hands Part 1
    • Some of Power’s lyrics are on the corny side, but I just love listening to it. This is a hands-down for me, but I definitely know I am missing a trick with FSMHP1 (as nobody is calling it).


I’ve been catching up on OSO and it’s so fantastic. Kanye has always been an artist that I’ve known by his singles and I’ve liked everything I heard and have had him penciled to my terrifyingly long “To Listen” list. But because his backcatalog is so huge, I just never found the time. This podcast is making me find the time, and I am massively appreciative of it. I have never heard a podcast about, like, discussion of particular discrete songs before, and I need more of it in my life now, god.

Also in making a Spotify list for OSO (no Watch the Throne sadly 8( ), I discovered I know the lyrics to a looooot more Kanye songs than I thought? When the hell did I learn all the words to “Runaway”? I have no clue.

Anyway I’m max looking forward to the next episode, and also I know its in a joking stage at the moment, but I would love for another season down the line, for another rap artist or even for any other artist with a massive body of work. (Fingers crossed for Mountain Goats, actually, to force me to finally dive into their stuff too.)


Yeah I noticed that Watch the Throne isn’t on Spotify, it’s because Jay-Z is keeping all of his music exclusive to Tidal still I think


It’s actually pretty much everywhere other than Spotify, or at least it’s on Google music


Hey guys. I’m new to both the forum and Kanye’s music. To be honest, I’m new to hiphop in general. But I’ve listened to enough Friends at the Table that I thought I had to give this a shot. Listening to the podcast has made it possible for me to see what others appreciate about Kanye’s music. While I don’t think I’ll be adding much of it to my playlists, I’m now surprisingly invested in the winner of this bracket…

  • Gold Digger vs Gotta Have It
    I’ve never heard Gotta Have It, but I detest Gold Digger hard enough to give it the win anyway.
  • Slow Jamz vs No More Parties in LA
    Cody has this one right.
  • Say You Will vs Good Morning
    I don’t have the love for expressions of depression that some of our hosts have, but I’m a big fan of the production on 808s. Put most of 808s up against a downtempo track from anything else and it’s going to be a bloodbath.
  • Power vs Father Stretch My Hands Part 1
    I still remember the E3 that felt like it was a Kanye ad…

Anyone have a sense of when we’ll get the next episode?


Look at the bizarro world of 2003 where Kanye’s romantic interest in the Slow Jamz video was… Aisha Tyler?


15 years is a long time. The beat still knocks tho.


I assume that the E3 curse and scheduling are the issue here, since the pattern previously was for it to be fortnightly. Maybe they are skipping a week and might be back next week?


Do we think they’ll address the new Drake album? It feels like it’s so tangential to the original stated purpose, but they went deep on the feud last time…


They might mention a few tracks, Emotionless in particular, but I doubt they’ll do anything exhaustive with it.


I really hope they don’t to be honest. I only think they went that deep into the feud in the first place because it was while yes it was only tangentially related, it was so fresh and exciting. Scorpion on the other hand is neither.


Next ep was recorded, will probably hit Monday! Going to try to get back onto our schedule after that going forward!


It was interesting to hear the gangs thoughts on Kanye’s view on his creativity as this childlike innocence, because I recently started listening to “Dissect”, the music analysis podcast which focuses on that as the main interpretation of “All Of The Lights”. Basically the child Kanye is afraid of losing in All Of The Lights is his creative energy and he fears that his fame and boisterousness will eventually corrupt it. His time away from the child in jail is an analogy for the public reaction to the Tailor Swift thing. It functions as the cruel punchline to the joke that is set up at the end of “Power” where Kanye disregards the voice inside his head telling him that he is moving out of control and that the power he has amassed is corrupting him. As he spirals into self destructive habbits at the end of “Power” but brushes it off with “God dammit, I’m killing this shit”, you get this horrible feeling that the penny is about to drop and “All Of The Lights” is that coin.

Incidentally, I happen to think that Power is the best song on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I think it more than any other song on the record encapsulates the larger theme of fame that reverberates through the album and like Austin said the restraint Kanye shows on the production side really sets it apart. “All Of The Lights” is exhuberant and indulgent and I love that about it, but from a production standpoint I still think “Power” is a stronger song.