One Thread Only: "One Song Only" Podcast Discussion


Oh wow, I’m happy to have witnessed their discovery of GearSlutz.


Man, i totally agree with the feeling on this chunk being super meh. Say You Will and Power were the ones i would ride for, but other than that just not much to go on. Also i think i’m starting to realize that i just really do not like Pablo much at all.


goddddd that bit took me right back to just getting into production in 2011 and finding all sorts of samples and plugins there but not being able uhhhh to recommend it out loud


Man this episode was a…rrrrooooooouuuugggghhhh listen. It ain’t really their fault, but listening to three people talk about songs they don’t care about/like for a hour was not a enjoyable experience. Not looking forward to when this part of the bracket comes back around.


The good news is that the next round of this bracket will also include Murder to Excellence vs Street Lights and We Major vs Stronger, so those battles will be super exciting.


Feel like the ambivalence to power is more because of how overplayed it is, but maybe that’s just because of how I feel about it.

I hate all the other long outros but love say you will, maybe because I like the beat but also because having the same beat play for like, three minutes is really going for it, in a way.

Good morning is the song I feel strongest about out of these three. I was way higher on no more parties until I went back to it and realized a lot of how I regard it comes from having that short teaser prior to the albums release and realizing we were gonna get a Kanye and kendrick collaboration at a time when I feel like kendrick especially was just killing it.


I can understand that popular songs like Gold Digger, Power and Stronger have gotten a lot of radio play so the magic is gone when listening back now, but I try to think of “this was still good on my 300th listen” as a major achievement in its own right so I tend to rate those higher than the hosts have been, I think. There are some solid songs in this tournament that I would start skipping if they came on and I’d heard them as much as I’ve heard Stronger.

As for Say You Will’s outro, I’m an electronic music fan and often listen while doing something else like being on the treadmill or playing video games, so I often don’t even notice the outro - I’ll throw on 808s and then go into a concentration mode only return to conscious listening around when the album gets to Amazing. I don’t know if this drifting into a meditative state thing is something unusual but it’s how I like to listen to certain genres of music.


Next episode’s match-ups:


Touch the Sky vs The New Workout Plan

Champion vs Otis

Spaceship vs Ultralight Beams

Diamonds from Sierra Leone (pick a version) vs Dark Fantasy


Black Skinhead got robbed! Through this podcast I have discovered I enjoy the thought of Kanye songs more than actually listening to them most of the time.


Hey could you link to “Dissect” because OSO is giving me hardcore need for more song-by-song analysis podcasts.

Also, this episode was great to listen to. I had the exact same feeling Art did with “Gold Digger,” where I listened to it literally like five times in a row trying to figure out how much Death of the Author I thought was at play and how much of it is just unavoidably gross despite the beat that just fucking rocks. Eventually I too decided yeah it doesn’t justify itself in the end.

I’m hyped for next ep. Thanks, Team OSO!


Hearing y’all dunk on Twista has been maybe the highlight of this podcast for me


Sure! Each season centers around a different album and then analyzes it track for track and looks at how it fits into a larger context.

Here is episode one of season one, which is about To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar

Here is episode one from season two, which is about My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

And here is the link to the ongoing season 3, which is about Frank Oceans Blond

You can find it on Spotify, Itunes, stitcher, etc. If you so desire.


Bless you and all your endeavors, I have been highkey hoping OSO would have a season two of Kendrick because he is the top of my list of To Listen and this is a great way to force me to finally do that. Every single feature I have ever heard of Kendrick (except… lol the one discussed in this ep) has been my favorite part of the given song.

I’m hypeeeeee thank you.

More related to OSO, I have been playing “Runaway” and “Blood On The Leaves” back to back like for the last two hours and I think… “Blood” might’ve been my Cinderella pick. So many songs on this bracket are amazing but there is something completely arresting and captivating about “Blood” that makes me hit back every time I get to the end of it. I dunno if I’ve ever more heard a song that sounds like someone in real time breaking down and then taking the leftover pieces to rebuild with. It’s kind of phenomenal? Goddamn.

Why why why why why did if have to go up against “Runaway”?


Kendrick is the best feature in a whole damn film (The Amazing Spider-Man 2).

I really enjoyed this episode (as usual) – great material worked out of a very weak section of the bracket.

In terms of a ruling quibble raised in this episode – I like the original version of Diamonds for Sierra Leone way better than the remix. Not all of the lines are winners but some are very entertaining (Does he write his own rhymes? Well, sort of, I think 'em,/ that means I forget better shit than you ever thought of) and I love the flow. Going back to the remix after hearing it was really hard and made the remix look pretty bad in comparison for my tastes. Maybe I just need to give it more time.


I’ve been off this thread (and the forums) for a while thanks to a much busier work schedule lately, but every time a new OSO episode drops I always feel compelled to come back and discuss, so first off thanks for keeping this going, I love reading everyone’s thoughts here.

For my own thoughts, well…this episode in particular really exacerbated my feeling that the arguments are starting to get predictable. Like, Art’s “old man yells at cloud” complaints about songs being too long have become the “Say You Will” outro of the entire show—on and on and on. Except I actually like the “Say You Will” outro.

I think Austin makes a valiant effort to play devil’s advocate at times, but it’s becoming more noticeable to me that there isn’t a real contrarian viewpoint on the show, so these arguments can end up feeling inauthentic. I guess I wish sometimes that there was someone who was willing to go to bat for Pablo or who thinks Jay-Z is washed, because I think the moments where there is a genuine, from-the-heart, stick-to-my-guns split of opinion are the most interesting moments of the show. I wish unanimous wins were more the exception, less the rule.

All that aside, I don’t want it to seem like I hate the show, I still love it. It still makes me laugh while I’m supposed to be working, it still gives me some new things to think about and re-listen for, and I am still genuinely curious to see where it goes, especially the later rounds.


I think this was just an uninspired set of songs. It’s the first round of a bracket they didn’t make, so it was bound to happen at some point. The nice thing about brackets though is they just get more interesting as you get further up.

I will say I have appreciated Art’s perspective on the showif only because he is the most knives out all the time and as much as I love thoughtful analysis, this isn’t a show of three music critics going through the bracket, and when I’m arguing music with my friends I too find myself making very Artful arguments. I don’t agree with him on everything, but usually when I’ve laughed out loud in the car listening to this, it’s because Art started shitting on a song.

(The Art defender has logged on)


Yeah I feel like at least for me, the first round of this is more about overviews of each song. As someone learning about the music in this bracket, it’s helpful to me that things aren’t already “knives out.”

And I have a strong feeling that when we get to 32, things are gonna get a lot more heated in a major way.


I think part of it is somewhat inherent to any first round of a bracket, where you’re going to get pretty lopsided mismatches where one song is clearly better/more favored than another. I expect the debates will get much more heated as we move into the 2nd round on.


Runaway is my song that goes all the way (it won’t tho) and I really thought my dreams were gonna end right there. I had forgotten just how good Blood On The Leaves was.

That said I totally agreed with Austin on how odd it felt that a song with that name is about a relationship


I certainly agree that the debates will naturally get more interesting as the choices whittle down, but for me I don’t think a lot of these matchups that have been breezed through are cases where one song is clearly better, and my worry is that the bracket is headed to get to a point where the heated discussions are just going to be “which mid-period Kanye song is better?” where I’d prefer a more balanced approach throughout.

I mean, can anyone looking at the bracket so far honestly say that even one track from Yeezus or Pablo or even 808s is going to make to the top 16? Barely any have even made the 32 so far, and while part of that is to blame on the bias of the bracket to begin with, it’s still a bit disheartening as someone who has much more affection for that trio of albums than for College Dropout, Graduation, or Twisted Fantasy.