Online Co-Op Games?

Hey everyone! My partner just picked up a PS4 because of the black Friday deals. We are in a bit of a distance situation, so I was wondering, what are some great co operative PS4 games we can play online? She isn’t super keen on shooters so I would avoid those, though she is going to try Destiny with me now that it’s free. Any ideas gang? Thanks in advance!

Oh gosh, there are plenty of options. Diablo III remains an all time classic for coop play, Overcooked 2 is a great little team building exercise, and even queuing up together in Overwatch can be a lot of fun. For nontraditional coop experiences, the PS4 has a lot of neat social features like game streaming to party and remote play, so that could also be an option to trade off controls in a game. Until Dawn could be a neat experience to share that way.

EDIT: Oh! Stardew Valley now has multiplayer! That, Terraria, or Minecraft are all pretty chill experiences that you can share.


We’ve played Until Dawn already, so I am super considering Man of Medan. Overcooked is a great idea. I just feel like I really need to sell her on Overwatch.

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Astroneer just landed on PS4 this month. It’s a pretty chill sandbox crafty/buildy thing with a cute aesthetic. I only just started playing it so I can’t say how it holds up long term, but building a base together on your own planet sounds like the kind of thing a couple could bond over.

A Way Out could be a ton of fun if your experience is anything like Austin and Patrick’s!

Rayman Legends, Don’t Starve Together and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime are some great lighter options and if you want a super in-depth RPG, there’s always Divinity: Original Sin 2!

I played a bit of Little Big Planet 3 with a friend and I thought it was pretty good for another one of those.