Only Necroposting


The long con.
Don’t reply until you’ve forgotten about this topic.
Mark your calendars. Let’s necroposting!



@2Mello @AppleCider @robowitch lilttle help please…very excited to necro


Sorry to necro a dead thread but I think kcin brings up a good point about the limitations of the forum software.


on its face it seems infrastructural but it’s really a TRAGETED ATTACK on DOKES!!! we need to fight from the inside and we are going to need the help of those who hold the keys if we want to free dokes from this chrono-tyrany!!! i am calling on YOU mods!!


This sequel to Chrono Cross is awful!



Edit March 12th: I remembered this thread and it seems there is a loop hole in the 3 day expiration by way of editing posts. Now I wait for the others in this thread to realize the same.


Damn this thread’s already…

2 hours old, but I had to bring it back. Sorry, y’all.


I like to necro 'em while they’re still fresh, nawamsayn?


I don’t even remember what this thread was about. Where we talking about playing the Undead in Heroes of Might and Magic 3?


TornadoHook Finally some appreciation.


Sorry to bump but omg I can’t believe this thread is still in the archive! I guess nothing’s truly gone on the 'net


No, I refuse to forget about this thread or the necrotic feels that it may or may not grant us in the future.



what is dead should not be raised


it’s ok the joke is way funnier if the thread dies instantly


jokes on y’all I get to necro this in 2028 when the last video game is in captivity


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