Ontario Provincial Election 2018 Thread


With the election 2 days away, I thought I’d take the temperature of any Ontario based Waypointers. How are things going in your riding? Do the NDP have a chance to top the Tories? Are you sorry not sorry for Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals? Is the Toronto Sun being written by Russian bots?!

I’m in Guelph and it’s looking like a real toss-up with the three major parties and the Greens. Mike Schreiner is looking to come out from here as the first Green at Queen’s Park, but him being an American makes me queasy to pull the lever for him. Good thing that the NDP has a strong candidate with Aggie Mlynarz. Provincial dental coverage here we come!


I’m in downtown Toronto and things are looking pretty Orange like normal. I took a drive up north and the amount of blue was disheartening, and when combined with recent poll numbers I am bracing myself for a PC government. Turns out Liberal voters aren’t very progressive and are happy to vote for Ford. Who knew?
I miss when Ontario had boring elections. This one has been a roller coaster. It gave me a ton of hope for the NDP at first but it now looks like it’s just going to end with the dumbest possible outcome.

A week ago I saw someone paying money for a copy of the Toronto Sun and my first instinct was to yell at them.


Yup, it’s looking like the 905 is gonna screw us all. I already browbeat my parents in Markham to vote anybody but PC, but it seems my heroic last stand will be for naught. Here’s hoping that Liberal supporters can see that the NDP platform is like 90% the same as theirs and vote strategically.


I’m in the York region and it’s always orange. I work downtown and I only see a mix of liberal and NDP signs on my commute, but I see A LOT of PC signs when I drive north for school so I’m stocking up on non perishables just in case


Kingston and The Islands here. Polls say NDP but I have no idea who will come away with my riding let alone the province. My depressing guess is PC majority.

On another troubling note my dad was just cold called by right wing shit posters Ontario Proud. Has this happened to any of you/folks you know?

One last thing, fuck the Globe and Mail editorial board for refusing to endorse Horwath and instead choosing no-one.


I was just reading about Ontario Proud on Canadaland’s website:

They seem like some really shady characters, and I have no idea how they were able to get around anti-spam legislation. In my brief career in sales I saw how extensive the legislation went, going as far to mandate positive consent in person before I can even consider contacting someone via phone or email. Just goes to show how unethical the Canadian conservative movement has become. And yet, despite this, despite Doug Ford’s mounting scandals, and despite a lack of a costed platform, the PCs still retain the lead. What a time indeed.


“Conservatives don’t have a voice in Canadian news!”

Yes, exactly, that’s why the Sun exists and Global feels the need to remind me what Rex Murphy fucking looks like. /s


East York here. Looking about the same as everyone else, and the same as it’s always been. Orange signs up and down with some Red every once in a while.

No Blue this cycle though. Usually there’s a few. That can mean one of two things: those people wised the hell up this time around because just listening to Doug Ford speak is fucking infuriating sometimes (all the time), or they think they’ll be “opressed” or something if they put up a sign and that’s way worse.

I share the anxiety of a PC majority coming to pass.


A friend of mine Lyra Evans is running for the NDP in Ottawa-Vanier. It’s a deep deep Liberal stronghold but now she has an outside shot, which no one would have said going into the campaign.

That’s how bad the Liberals are doing. Possibly losing ridings that have been Liberal since provincial elections began. Ridings that have voted Liberal or for Liberal predecessors since they were choosing largely powerless local representative boards before confederation.




…more like Kathleen Lose


I’m in a small city in located in a fairly rural eastern Ontario riding. I’m hoping the NDP can pull off an upset here and unseat the incumbent PC MPP.

I’m seeing a lot of NDP signs so I’m hopeful.


Canadian Political cycle:

-Conservatives win via First Past the Post
-Most people despise the conservatives, so we vote strategically to kick them out
-Liberals/NDP are in power long enough that everyone gets comfy and stops voting strategically.

I’m so angry at Trudeau for giving up on his promise to chance the electoral system. FPTP in a stain on democracy.


I’m out in Durham and while I was initially shocked at the amount of orange when signs started going up the blue is now out in equal measure.

It’s depressing but expected, Durham was a conservative stronghold until the last election and it seems like the Liberals up here are way more right leaning than left. We might get an upset but I doubt it :disappointed_relieved:.

I still can’t get over how anyone is vocally blue this time around. Doug Ford is such a corrupt incompetent ass you’d think people would be ashamed to publicly support him. Like at least pretend to not be so openly “Fuck you got mine”??


Greetings from Guelph city hall!

Just voted. It feels good to participate in democracy, even if the end result may not be to my liking.


I am watching this election with great interest. I recently returned to BC after 7 years in Ontario. Good work to anyone who got out and voted.


extremely excited to go vote in the riding that Ford himself is running in, in the polling station within walking distance of his campaign headquarters, which is a block from my house. it has been a crappy run up to this bad election and i am very pumped for it to be over


I’m in Toronto (Wynne’s riding) and based on the polling it looks like the race here is between Liberal and PC. It sucks to have to decide between voting for who I want (NDP) and voting for who I think has a better chance to beat the conservatives. But somehow, that’s how it always seems to go.


I just voted and am now anxiously refreshing the election results.

How are people finding the new machines? I had no problems but heard there were a bunch of issues elsewhere.


In and out with no issues. Hope it doesn’t all fall apart when polls close though.


Same as @ClairvoyantVibes, I was in and out in under 5 minutes. The new machines are pretty neat, and they seem to maintain physical receipts so I’m not too worried about vote tampering. Fingers crossed for a strong NDP showing!