Operators RPG and fight mechanics in TTRPGs


I’m really excited about this game my brother designed and put on Kickstarter because of the problem it solves for thrillers - and really just trying to play competent Jason Bourne type characters in a roleplaying game. I just do not know how to fight or describe fighting, so Nights Black Agents, Delta Green, games like that generally have me floundering to describe cool CQC fights and stuff.

With this game, called Operators, you actually have a deck of cards and draw some, roll your dice and determine the outcome of the fight by assigning the dice rolls to the cards, and then narrating it yourself as the player. So if I roll a +, I land a hit, if I roll a -, they do, and 0’s are blocks. The system uses Fate Dice. What I end up with is cards with real moves in fights and an outcome I can describe myself, making it as cool as I want with the mechanics already telling me if I took damage or not, etc. I think it’s really clever!! We played it on roll20 last night and it went very well, took me a bit to get used to framing up fights like this and having the agency to describe everything but it was really exciting.

Even if you don’t like the base game, I feel like the fight card deck would be really useful in other games mentioned above for narrating fights, what do you think?