Opinions on "Agony"? (CW: Gore/visceral horror and nudity)

What we’ve seen of it so far anyway. Official trailer just dropped. (CW: Gore/visceral horror and nudity)

It’s edgy as could be and I’m here for it.

YouTube description:

The critically acclaimed Survival-Horror game Agony will launch on PlayStation® 4, Xbox One – the all in one entertainment system from Microsoft – as well as PC on May 29th 2018.


Not much to say. Looks great but the constant delays are kinda disconcerting. A bit like Scorn really.

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Ehh this just looks like “edginess for edginess’s sake” to me. Don’t get me wrong, I can totally dig grotesque manifestations of sexuality in horror design – like some of the various Silent Hill creatures (e.g. the Closer from SH3), or Junji Ito’s maternity ward mosquito-zombies from Uzumaki. But those sorts of plays on the female form depend on a distinct intention of conveyance as well as a certain degree of subtlety. From this trailer, all I gleamed was heaps of blatant, yonic imagery – to the point that the game’s logo font incorporates a literal vaginal opening with teeth – and not much else. I don’t think that’s inherently a bad thing, and a game could make good/interesting use of that particular aesthetic with a properly fitting narrative, but this trailer didn’t really convey that to me. I dunno, I can see why people would dig this, but it just does nothing for me personally.


Not sure how I missed that, gross.

This trailer is a visual representation of dating a cishet power electronics artist dude from inside his mind.

Jokes aside, this looks awful. This is so excessively edgy and ““dark”” and horny like…what a trainwreck. I mean at least it’s not false advertising to name it Agony, it looks like it’d be agony to play even 5 minutes of it.


I’m about to make a thread about why I really want Scorn to live up to the hype. It feels like the opposite of Agony to me. My take on Agony so far is that it’s probably not gonna have much in the way of substance, I feel the exact opposite about Scorn. It feels so inspired, because it is. Inspired by H. R. Giger no less. I think I’m too caught up in my own hype to be realistically cautious.

I can’t blame anyone who looks at this for 10 seconds and hates it.

I also can’t pretend like any enjoyment I get from this game is gonna be ironic. I “enjoyed” (except the turtle part, fuck them for killing that turtle) Cannibal Holocaust the first time I watched it, and that wasn’t ironic. I think I can recognize bad horror for what it is and still enjoy it.

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I watched the whole thing and hated every second of it, but I could see me at 17 and my friends from back then losing our minds about how “transgressive” and “extreme” this game is watching the trailer together pointing at the screen and laughing wildly every few seconds but uh just not in any way a thing I’m into as an adult.

Sometimes horny entertainment is just horny with no real redeeming value, and sometimes things fall either less bad (but still bad) or more bad than the zone of “so bad it’s good” and…this definitely looks like it’s more bad than that zone.

Cannibal Holocaust is also, for the record, extremely exploitative of the Sanumá and Yąnomamö peoples and deeply racist in addition to being extremely misogynist with themes and messages so even as a vegan I’d say the turtle scene was far from the worst one. Who Deodato was willing to dehumanize for that flick and in what ways makes me uncomfortable to the core even as it was something that, again, teenage me was way into, and it inspired Eli Roth to do his own anti-indigenous racist b.s. in South America so…it’s a net cultural negative in a lot of ways.



mods rename me Vaginer Head


Dawkins Meme We Are All Vaginer Head

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ps this thread and that video could probably use a content warning or two eh


Oh they’re still up to that, huh?

At least it’s getting shorter.


Says who? What critic? I googled reviews for this and got nothing. Can anyone just say their shit is critically acclaimed and nobody questions it?


I’ve enjoyed a bad horror movie/game in my time but yeah… nothing about Agony is really doing anything for me. Maybe the style is more appealing if you’re a fan of the likes of Hellraiser (which I don’t have a lot of experience with) but I can’t say the depiction of hell as a red goop-y mess (with some seemingly not great depictions of women & sexuality in there) is my cup of tea.

Maybe the worst thing I can say about it is that the first thing that came to mind while watching that trailer was the EA Dante’s Inferno game.


None of the many, many horrible aspects of that film are lost on me. When I say I “enjoyed” it in spite of it being bad, I wasn’t just talking about it’s quality as a finished product.

The games Mascot (or at least what’s caught on) is a buxom, hour glass figured “demon” with a giant toothed vagina for a head. And the only other two depictions of women in the game are both also nude “demons”.

The kind of people who have deep issues regarding their views on women, feminism, anything related to the two is probably going to love this game. And that’s a problem, and in my opinion its a problem that needs to be brought up and discussed.

Edit: Not sure how hypocritical it is to see issues with this game that I’m also unironically interested in is, but it’s a hypocrisy that’s probably worth pointing out.

Does anyone care about those two words at this point? Does “critically acclaimed” matter period, regardless of it that’s true or a lie?

I guess I’m either not getting what enjoyed in quotes means for you as distinct from enjoyed without quotes, or what specifically in it you enjoyed (or “enjoyed”) in spite of the bad parts? Might just be me not quite getting what you mean here.