Opinions on "Scorn"? (CW: Body Horror)


Yesterday I made a thread asking people’s opinions on the upcoming indie-horror game “Agony”. The general consensus is about what I’d expect from most people.

Now I want people’s opinions on something I’m actually not-cynically looking forward too, just genuinely excited for. It’s another First Person Indie-Horror title, but unlike Agony Scorn seems like it’s gonna have some substance to it.


this looks rad. it seems a little simplistic and barren, but the world design is up my alley.


Moody, atmospheric, puzzles that look neither too easy nor too hard…I actually think this looks like it has some promise!


Strong contender for reload animations of the year. I think this game’s music would make or break it for me


I want all the concept art of the weapons, and everything else in this game, but especially the weapons. I want to see those 3D models in a vacuum. They’re so original, yet they remind me of stuff like that bone gun from “Existenz” and the bio-mechanical design of a lot of the weapon from the first Prey.

The concept of organic/living guns is extremely underrated.


that’s actually how i found out about this game!

its being scored and sound designed (is that a phrase?) by a producer named Billain / Aethek who makes some really rad, weird neurofunk drum and bass. between his two EPs Colossus and Colonize, he apparently wrote them as a concept release with full backstory. its a really interesting mix of absolutely wild sound design, and very cinematic breakdowns. im excited to see what he does for this.


Whoa thanks for letting me know! Weird neurofunk drum and bass is a genre I’ve literally never heard of but sounds like it could be extremely my shit. I will be checking all of this out.


Everything is fleshy and horrible. I love it.

I first heard of this when Jim Sterling did a Goodlight Green Stuff on it and have been following it since. Still looks awesome. My one concern is that body horror tends to be highly ableist, so that’s something to keep an eye out for. But I’m definitely all about this so far.


The visuals and just the overall atmosphere in this seem pretty amazing, but I worry from the gameplay I’ve seen that it’ll otherwise be kind of nothing special mechanically. There’s a lot of potential for simulating this wild, grotesque biomechanical ecosystem they seem to have come up with, but I recognize that unfortunately might be out of reach for an indie dev team of that size. The Aesthetic is powerful enough that I’ll prob end up playing it either way but I really hope it’s more than just a game about walking around, finding bone keycards, and occasionally shooting a gigeresque monster squid baby.


The looks and aesthetic of the game give me real strong Zdzisław Beksiński’s paintings vibes. Am I the only one? I know it is based on Hans Rudolf Giger’s work but I still get a lot of Beksiński’s vibes.

Edit: just found an interview where Beksiński is directly mentioned as an inspiration for ‘hellish landscapes’ so I guess the case’s closed.


Not sure how I didn’t know who that was before googling his name just now, but I’m very glad I know now. I’ve definitely seen some of his work before, never knew who made it though.