Opus Magnum solution gifs (spoiler heavy)

Hey folks! Is anyone else around here playing Opus Magnum at all? It’s a new puzzle game from Zachtronics (Space Chem, Infinifactory) where you build assembly lines that rearrange atoms into useful products.

The game has this cool feature where you can export your solved puzzles as gifs, so I thought it would be fun if people could share some of their solutions here!

I’m by no means an expert at this game, but I love how my Hangover Cure assembly line looks in motion :smiley:

I got some. Love the GIF export feature. =)

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I’ve always loved Zachtronics games and the GIF feature is an incredible addition. In particular I’m really enjoying optimizing for tight, space-constrained solutions, such as this one:

I got kind of fed up trying to do the Warming Tonic “efficiently” so I spread everything out. Surprisingly, I don’t think what I ended up with is terrible. It’s not great, but not terrible either!

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This game looks awesome. And such a cool feature. I added “spoiler heavy” to the title of this thread just to make it clear :slight_smile:

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Lately I’ve felt more and more like I should check out one of these games. I don’t play much on PC but they all look so cool. Shenzhen I/O most likely, but this one looks neat too. Of course, I’m scared of being too stupid to manage them, but that’s likely a silly thing to think.

This game fucking owns

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this game looks wild.

I’ve never been more intimidated by gifs of a game

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I know I could shave a bunch of cycles off of this one, but I love how this looks so much and I don’t want to break it :smiley:

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I’m looking at the GIFS having never heard of this game and I am both intrigued and very confused


The Zachtronics Experience™


I finally got Life-Sensing Potion. I love how you can kind of tell the point at which I just gave up on efficiency and brute forced the rest of the way through.

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Not my best design hehe. I am still new at this.

wow, these are all mesmerizing! i should look into this game at some point.

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I love watching these, totally unconcerned about spoilers knowing I’ll never play it. Will just love the gifs and solutions etc. instead.

I gotta get in on this.

I had a ton of fun on Van Berlo’s Chain. I’m sure there are alternate approaches that could save on the metrics, but I dig the overall feel of this design (uploaded externally 'cause 4MB gif):

I also really enjoyed the flow and symmetry of this Invisible Ink design. I later scored better on every metric, but this was just… aesthetically pleasant:

It’s funny, I love Zachtronics games, but usually I don’t get through them very fast – I get stuck in optimization. This was the first one where I just kinda let myself go a little bit – didn’t go for optimizing each solution as I went, just got each to a “nice” place and moved on. It was nice to not feel guilty about putting it down, for once. I want to go back and start targeting the histograms, though. :smiley:

hey you wanna see something awful?

later on i removed the track and just had the arm rotate but it was still PRETTY BAD

I am completely stumped on Very Dark Thread in chapter 3 (or 4 maybe?). The only things can think of require a level of syncing that I simply can’t wrap my head around. I feel like I’m WAY overthinking this one.

Any tips (or solutions)?

There are no limits of how you do it. My suggestion is to do step by step play as you build up. Biggest help was i could highlight multiple block and move or highlight multiple commands and move.

There are several solutions, Here is a youtube for one way…(not my video).